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On March 12, the World Day against Internet censorship, published "Reporters Without Borders" your story "Enemies of the Internet 2012". States were reanalyzed with massive online surveillance. Your results: Twelve are considered enemies of the Internet (namely Bahrain, Burma, China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Belarus), 14 more are under observation (Australia, Egypt, Eritrea, France, India, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Russia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates). In particular, France and Australia should make you listen.

Acquired understandably only direct forms of censorship, such as content filtering or General monitoring, usually by the authorities of the said countries.

The enemies of the Internet in 2012 (black in color) and in this regard under observation standing States, red in the picture (Source: Reporters Without Borders)

But censorship can be much more subtle. This entry »

With these words includes Alexander Lehmann's latest movies imperious strike, which has even prescribed the data Sammelwahn the federal government. Lehmann was made ​​famous by its highly successful video contribution "You are a terrorist."

Do you want total security? Look for yourself:

No answer is provided by the clip on the other hand the question, more of this entry »

Last week, the Federal Constitutional Court delivered its judgment in terms of data retention: it infringes the fundamental right to protection of telecommunications secrecy, so Judge Hans-Jürger paper. A clear stop sign so for the monitoring zeal of our government. And that the "slap" probably ached representative shows the response of the internal expert of the CDU, Wolfgang Bosbach, the insulted after recording the ZDF talk show "Michael Lanz" the chairman of the civil rights organization FoeBuD e. V. behind the scenes as a "flat Whistle" should have, as the club reported on March 4 via newsletter.

The majority of Germans in any case is likely to be facilitated. Against the law about 35,000 people had lodged a complaint, there was such a thing ever. It is: The citizens do not want to be glasses. This entry »

1984 was already the day before yesterday. Even when still so great optimist can no longer sugarcoat things. The first Internet censorship is the Von-der-Leyenschen-zugangserschwerungsgesetz (or as someone has said aptly: "Access fraudulently Act") in Germany now fact - and many a politician has already hinted that this future probably not alone on the subject child pornography is limited.

How dramatically it (the world) is now ordered to the subjects censorship and surveillance, the "Guardian" has in a map compiled. So on China or Iran, we do not need to point the finger.

But actually, it's worse. After all, our Home Secretary, who often has to serve as the scapegoat, has helpers. This entry »

In the major sectors of the economy are real innovations for decades nil; supposedly new products presented merely variations or modifications already on market, it is technologies represent, I was reading the other day and had the - largely - agree. It really should be even questioned why it was developed for electricity, light bulb, the steam engine, car Broadcasting and nothing really new anymore? We actually have a shortage inventors, especially here, in the (former) country of poets and thinkers? Have we become sluggish and lazy?

Or is it more like the market power of large companies? And why are corporate executives should rush into larger investments, as long as the "cash cow" can still be milked? This entry »

Until recently it was thought at the keyword "internet censorship" just to China. Now the West dares to push, and that a significant, with Sarkozy as the spearhead: French Prime Minister wants "data suckers" the unit right away, the network connection caps - much to the delight of the music industry. The French parliament, however, granted a Vorpreschenden once rebuffed.

Even in this country wants to "Big Brother" is now more than just a say. Last Friday, five large Internet service provider (Alice / Hansenet, German Telekom, cable Germany, Telefonica / O2 and Vodafone / Arcor) signed on the initiative of Minister for Family Affairs Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) an agreement that they will soon based blacklisting of the Bundeskriminalamt pageviews stop to child pornography. Then a red stop sign or a similar warning will be seen for the stray surfer.

Christian Bahls, founder of the "victims of abuse against Internet censorship" and former victim of sexual assault, is disappointed by the overzealous politician. "I feel abused in the debate for a political goal," he told Gulli.com. Will probably courted voters favor even with such sensitive matter? This entry »

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