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Since recently, I may be the proud owners of a "smartphone" expect (no, none IPhones because I Apples rigid policy does not even want to support and the hardware monopoly).

Frankly, I'm flabbergasted, what has been happening in recent years in the field of mobile communications. My cell phone is actually mutated to a portable mini office with a range of functions, from I as a journalist dared hardly dream recently: E-mails and send, rechechieren the Internet, subscribe newsreader, read e-books, make high resolution photos and movies , plan routes and through the country navigate (and even with so-called augmented reality -Apps) use social networks and messenger such as Skype, online banking on the move, documents and even barcodes to scan for product identification, and even voice and music recognition is now with surprisingly high hit rate possible (to dictate a text message is very practical) - and, believe it or not: you can make calls with the thing also. All this finally with a single small device, at affordable prices. My joy at the beginning was huge.

But then came the disillusionment: namely there's a catch. Not to say, a giant hook. This entry »

While Germany and Europe seemingly stand economically on the edge, roll over on innovation fairs, in workshops inventor and designer bars events. A technological sensation after the other. Crisis or not: The man shows once again that he is in need to preserve feats able.

Recently showed developers from Switzerland that they still belong to the spearhead of global engineering. This entry »

In the major sectors of the economy are real innovations for decades nil; supposedly new products presented merely variations or modifications already on market, it is technologies represent, I was reading the other day and had the - largely - agree. It really should be even questioned why it was developed for electricity, light bulb, the steam engine, car Broadcasting and nothing really new anymore? We actually have a shortage inventors, especially here, in the (former) country of poets and thinkers? Have we become sluggish and lazy?

Or is it more like the market power of large companies? And why are corporate executives should rush into larger investments, as long as the "cash cow" can still be milked? This entry »

Water as a potential source of energy - is what we reported in the current Zeitgeist print edition 1-2009 (the contribution may be in a long version also online been read). There are science journalists from Haiko Lietz two methods in particular presented that are in the broadest sense to the so-called "free energy" calculated: Cold Fusion and BlackLight Power. Especially Erstgenanntes (recently called "Low Energy Nuclear Reactions") could now soon, as anticipated in the article, get a real breakthrough. Of this entry »

Until recently it was thought at the keyword "internet censorship" just to China. Now the West dares to push, and that a significant, with Sarkozy as the spearhead: French Prime Minister wants "data suckers" the unit right away, the network connection caps - much to the delight of the music industry. The French parliament, however, granted a Vorpreschenden once rebuffed.

Even in this country wants to "Big Brother" is now more than just a say. Last Friday, five large Internet service provider (Alice / Hansenet, German Telekom, cable Germany, Telefonica / O2 and Vodafone / Arcor) signed on the initiative of Minister for Family Affairs Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) an agreement that they will soon based blacklisting of the Bundeskriminalamt pageviews stop to child pornography. Then a red stop sign or a similar warning will be seen for the stray surfer.

Christian Bahls, founder of the "victims of abuse against Internet censorship" and former victim of sexual assault, is disappointed by the overzealous politician. "I feel abused in the debate for a political goal," he told Gulli.com. Will probably courted voters favor even with such sensitive matter? This entry »

Last night it was possible a post-ARTE, my attention to bind longer. On display were two young, distinctive French, who led an amazingly profound conversation about mixing. One of them, invited as a guest, was the author Vincent Cespedes and the other, the interviewer and presenter of the series, Raphaël Enthoven.

They stretched the sheet of our multicultural society ("mixing takes place only when identity change") on mass psychology and manipulation (using the example of the election of President Sarkozy, in a social mixing not spontaneously created but has been organized this entry »

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