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The approaching 60th anniversary of BILD and the accompanying boycott campaign in defiance knew someone else the controversial media itself (and its educational work) to use. We're talking about Zeitgeist author and columnist Dr. Gerald Rollett, "Germany's probably oldest demonstrators" (O-Sound Picture).

On 7 February this year he succeeded in what many only dream about: The 86-year-old had made it for the second time in the tabloid! And that's where his plans but denominated quite different ("Actually I wanted to only 90 in the media").

It began with a protruding tongue - Einstein says hello - leading to the steep "BILD-career" helped him in July 2011 (at a Stuttgart-21 demo, see here) and an invitation to the "Night Café" by Wieland Backes result would have. For those who missed the broadcast time: At the end of this paper we find the Mittschnitt.

The second match was not long in coming. This entry »

In the middle of the nail-biter to the whole Geldleiherei and Diekmann's voicemail overtaken our head of state the next horror message: He is in his time violated the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen duties have and now it liable (the curse of accumulation of offices ...), with 1.8 billion Euronen. Billion mind you, not millions!

Let's see how this is yet to be topped. Perhaps they will make Mr Wulff next time also for all consequences of globalization, climate change, no, the increased solar activity, and the impending doom (after all we are in 2012) responsible. I would not be miracles.

Somehow it seems not to make a few really fun, the much maligned Federal Presiding over pull one right now. This entry »

How now was verlautbar, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg has probably returned not entirely voluntary in the German media. He was basically clear that this would be a gauntlet, the Baron explained frankly now "off the record". He was right - the ex-minister has reportedly now not even unconditional in its Upper Franconian home backing.

Despite change of image: He sees himself prefers (Photo: Peter Weis)

"People remember just that my new image is placed." Even before he had his PR agency pointed out that the new, designed on the drawing board Styling Although would be nice and good. The gel pomade but was simply befitting so Guttenberg, especially since he is his friend from Germany's largest newspaper could feel closer to her. But most disturbing him that he now had to constantly walk around with narrowed eyes or contact lenses.

He would, however, had no choice but to grant the "Lying Baron", as many had called sheet coated condescendingly after the plagiarism scandal, meekly one. This entry »

Be honest: What is actually still all the fuss around the Stuttgart main station? Demonstrates strike, besatzt, fighting, complaining and angry was nevertheless now beleibe enough. Can we conduct ourselves once again civilized, we finally remember, especially since Christmas is just around the corner?

Tomorrow's Fairground, nonsense, referendum, with the then yes - or no? - Finally everything will be fine. Incidentally, Baden-Württemberg is matched throughout. Not only in the Swabian metropolis. Did you know? Since the Baden are already delighted to be able to beat their arch-enemies a trick ...

But that's not the only Ver (w) aberration on the merits; my colleague Magnus Wolf Göller has omitted even in detail about the linguistic antics.

And anyway: This entry »

Tents under the Euro symbol: Occupy makes it possible (Photo: basement)

Frankfurt am Main. The other night I went on a sight-seeing tour of the local "Occupy camp". Moment, you do not know what is the Occupy movement? In earnest? Then you are not alone. I had this awakening phenomenon recently even a sociology (!) - To explain student. She read a equal in power, and then said tersely: "Does not sound really revolutionary about." Revolutionary. Should it be the general?

Back to my tour of the camp. Everywhere labeled flyers and posters, a variety of more or less wise sayings and slogans of all ideological persuasions. A friendly Occupyler itself significant as an anarchist, spoke to me and chatted regardless of the preserves. This entry »

It's never been easier probably to gain a seat in parliament, than they are today. Just quickly be Pirate Party member and can be set up for the election. Well, in the near future it should look a bit poor what federal election terms (2011, no more, in 2012 only one).

There hailing from autumn 2013, a year only as election dates. And the election of the Bundestag also approaching. Plenty of opportunities So, at least one's own "basic income" ever lush hedge. Until then can not hurt anything temporal preparation safely. For example, one can imagine already in colorful pictures, what you will do with all the coal ...

Otherwise, it does not need much knowledge. Learning by Doing just fine, so you can see even in long-established deputies how frequently the sometimes change their department.

Audacity, or at least daring appearance / appearance, is also not a disadvantage; On the contrary, it underscores the credibility. Authenticity seems in demand again.

And this is serious!

To be pirate has what, which is from now on "hip". This entry »


Source: Bild Zeitung of 6 July 2011

Necessity is the mother of invention, recently even the Federal Government. Because of the emergency nurses you adopted last Monday without further ado and without fanfare a legislative amendment, which extended and shifted the competence of the authorities. For example, to access with immediate effect nursing homes under the armpits policemen.

A photojournalist get these snapshots immediately after entry into force of the amendment. They show motivated officers on duty as they convey a friendly elderly man, look after this with no time pressure, and even take pictures of him. The police finally Protect and Serve!

But wait, there is something wrong. Keeps the Opa not a "counter-Stuttgart 21" sticker in hand? And what should the title "retired demo against S21"? This entry »

No April Fool: For the 12th time the evening were the German "BigBrotherAwards" awarded to particularly active Datenschutzfrevler yesterday. Had gathered to this festive occasion about 300 guests in the Hechelei in Bielefeld (yes, the city actually exists, all conspiracy theories, despite - I could convince myself personally it ;-)), including the judges (including the Chaos Computer Club ) and those in charge of Foebud e. V., which organizes the award annually.

The prizes were awarded this year: This entry »

Our Lord of Defense, which is a. Not only that, he just did an article from the FAZ to initiate his doctoral thesis. No, he "forgot" also to designate the name of the author and the source. And in 2006, where he was already active in the middle of political business. What should one make of this?

Also from the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, he should have taken a little while violating copyrights, know what once humiliating cannibalize the Swiss and recover from Freiherr an apology.

Sure, it has never been as easy as in the Internet era, to steal texts. However, it was never so easy to check dear Mr. zu Guttenberg, whether a text is stolen!

Is this the end of his political career? This entry »

With these words includes Alexander Lehmann's latest movies imperious strike, which has even prescribed the data Sammelwahn the federal government. Lehmann was made ​​famous by its highly successful video contribution "You are a terrorist."

Do you want total security? Look for yourself:

No answer is provided by the clip on the other hand the question, more of this entry »

There it is again: the World Cup. Pardon, the FIFA World Cup. Those events, which every four years and mass media dominated like no other "cultural event".

Never before was the organizer, FIFA, as powerful as it is today: More Member States than the United Nations (208: 192), annual profits in the hundreds of millions, monopoly (the only world governing body of football).

The "United Nations of Football", as is often called the organization, also stand for a radical commercialization of football. Who does not play as a member association or better: not spurt, is sanctioned drastically. Examples there sufficiently (for skeptics: just the phrases "sanctions of FIFA" or "criticism of FIFA" via search engine research).

Just recently, it came to a show of force of this entry »

While Germany and Europe seemingly stand economically on the edge, roll over on innovation fairs, in workshops inventor and designer bars events. A technological sensation after the other. Crisis or not: The man shows once again that he is in need to preserve feats able.

Recently showed developers from Switzerland that they still belong to the spearhead of global engineering. This entry »

On 1 April 2009 I had you, dear reader, dear reader, verschaukelt at this point. This year I'm wearing here and vice versa before creative contributions together, where you were today busted by others: This entry »

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