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The approaching 60th anniversary of BILD and the accompanying boycott campaign in defiance knew someone else the controversial media itself (and its educational work) to use. We're talking about Zeitgeist author and columnist Dr. Gerald Rollett, "Germany's probably oldest demonstrators" (O-Sound Picture).

On 7 February this year he succeeded in what many only dream about: The 86-year-old had made it for the second time in the tabloid! And that's where his plans but denominated quite different ("Actually I wanted to only 90 in the media").

It began with a protruding tongue - Einstein says hello - leading to the steep "BILD-career" helped him in July 2011 (at a Stuttgart-21 demo, see here) and an invitation to the "Night Café" by Wieland Backes result would have. For those who missed the broadcast time: At the end of this paper we find the Mittschnitt.

The second match was not long in coming. This entry »

Heiko Lassek (1957-2011)

For all surprising, died on 28.12.2011 Heiko Lassek. The day before yesterday found his burial place in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

I could hear the sad news at first unbelievable. For the physician, scientist and author who has devoted entirely to the continuation of the research of Wilhelm Reich, was, inter alia, had in the personal psychotherapy and to questions of cancer, prescribed been used to Eva Reich even as her father's official successor reached, just the age of 54 years.

Heiko was my brother in spirit and in heart, though we met only a few times in life. Our meetings were, however, always marked by great intensity and a lively exchange. Heiko gave one the feeling that he sincerely interested in the opposite and whose life projects. This entry »


Source: Bild Zeitung of 6 July 2011

Necessity is the mother of invention, recently even the Federal Government. Because of the emergency nurses you adopted last Monday without further ado and without fanfare a legislative amendment, which extended and shifted the competence of the authorities. For example, to access with immediate effect nursing homes under the armpits policemen.

A photojournalist get these snapshots immediately after entry into force of the amendment. They show motivated officers on duty as they convey a friendly elderly man, look after this with no time pressure, and even take pictures of him. The police finally Protect and Serve!

But wait, there is something wrong. Keeps the Opa not a "counter-Stuttgart 21" sticker in hand? And what should the title "retired demo against S21"? This entry »

Late last year, he had contemplated, now he is serious: A few weeks ago, the Dalai Lama announced from his Indian asylum that he resigns from his position as a political leader of Tibet. His successor in this office is to be elected to office, it said. His position as spiritual leader, however, he reserved.

A clever, especially a long overdue step. It is exactly this Vereininigung two offices in his person and the resulting lack of clarity to who is really speaking to his people, the secular or the religious leader, it forbade his people to contradict him. Because his Buddhist leader have you follow unconditionally, but not its political, it explained the former German translators of Damai Lama, the Buddhist Helmut Gassner, in an interview with zeitgeist. This entry »

At the beginning of the year I was by Andreas Bleeck (on behalf of the Party of Violet, in which I, incidentally, not a member'm - I'm in ever any party and will never enter into a what me alone demanded the journalistic neutrality) interviewed, where there is a concern to portray the publishers of so-called cultural and creative media landscape and their motives. The interview was now on the website of the "Violet" published - likewise as an audio recording as well as a transcript.

When asked, I was to my journalistic concerns, the origins and of course the current contents of the zeitgeist magazine (which has incidentally not with the do 'Zeitgeist Movie "or initiated by the movie" Zeitgeist Movement ". This entry»

That lobbying constitutes a manifest evils in our society, is today probably deny hardly anyone. Many networks and cliques make behind the scenes with the politics of the day - according to the motto: one hand washes the other. In Berlin alone, drifting more than 5,000 lobbyists up to mischief.

Meinungsmache, disinformation, unfair collusion, bribery, nepotism, subtle influence draft legislation and votes, before splitting in tenders ... - seems endless list of effect names and offenses of which the average citizen brave long mitbekam nothing. Or could not imagine / wanted how unscrupulously able to act politicians and business leaders. Many also are privy to and remain silent out of fear, or because they themselves benefit from cowardice.

But there are brewing up what: This entry »

Our Lord of Defense, which is a. Not only that, he just did an article from the FAZ to initiate his doctoral thesis. No, he "forgot" also to designate the name of the author and the source. And in 2006, where he was already active in the middle of political business. What should one make of this?

Also from the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, he should have taken a little while violating copyrights, know what once humiliating cannibalize the Swiss and recover from Freiherr an apology.

Sure, it has never been as easy as in the Internet era, to steal texts. However, it was never so easy to check dear Mr. zu Guttenberg, whether a text is stolen!

Is this the end of his political career? This entry »

On Wikileaks are the ghosts. If the leak platform in the service of good or evil, wondering now quite a few. Conflicting messages polarize addition. It says on the one hand, thanks to Wikileaks there is no censorship in Spain, then to read at the same time, precisely because of Wikileaks is the censorship in Hungary was built. Yes, what now?

I know Wikileaks already for a few years, so since the beginning. Early on there was published sorts Explosive, such as internal documents of Scientology, Internet blacklists or files that corruption scandals brought to light. At that time, barely a cock crowed after, you see times on the lawsuits of Scientologists.

The media began only fire when the secret recordings of the helicopter use, in which the US military along with numerous Afghan civilians among other things, a Reuters employee liquidated, went around the world and people shook. Wikileaks was instantly on everyone's lips. Until that time, the operator of the Whistleblower page had remained anonymous.

But then a certain Julian Assange spoke up, pretended to be a chief of Wikileaks, elsewhere as a speaker. This entry »

Today overtook me the sad news that no longer bored by me estimated Bärbel Mohr among us. She passed away on 29 October 2010 still and far too early, at the age of 46 years.

I have personally known Bärbel, not very good, unfortunately, but our paths crossed again and again: When she editor of the magazine "solar wind" was, which appeared between 1995 and 2000, or even at various events. She had as a journalist always a good nose, discovered "awakening subjects" at an early stage. In particular, however, she was interested in good news, because come so Bärbel, in our, dominated by negative headlines media landscape just too short.

1999 must have been when she gave a speech in Stuttgart on my invitation. At that time was just her future bestseller "orders the universe" appeared. It was her first appearance before a wider public in general. No one knew at that time that it should be the popularity shy Bärbel which said unto us bring, once ... more of this entry »

What they do not have to listen to everything in advance of the Euro Vision Song Contest: As a Swedish language therapist sounds, trying to imitate Ali G., as the one and titled as a dialect disaster. Others recall their debate to the one Australian Outbackbauern. On stage, she was moving like a "dementia sick horse", someone wrote in a forum, zappele Spotlight "Miss Kiss Kiss Negligible" spastic to himself, said even the FOCUS in the meeting of their first album.

But then she's shown all won in Oslo after their single "Satellite" had earlier stormed the German charts: Lena Meyer-Landrut, the new German Fräuleinwunder. Nobody polarized media landscape lately more more than the 18-year old, no split the nation into two parts in such a way.

Meanwhile, there is plenty of evidence that it is precisely the slope, the "Spun" is supposedly that fascinated and seduced "entrain" the masses. This entry »

"Geschmückte" Commerzbank-Arena: der richtige Ort für ein Treffen mit dem Dalai Lama?

"Decorated" Commerzbank-Arena: the place for a meeting with the Dalai Lama? (Photo: T. Röttcher)

This past long weekend of the 14th Dalai Lama stayed as a guest in Frankfurt am Main. He who understands like no other minister from the Eastern Hemisphere, the people (masses) to move. At least here in the West.

For the first time this year it cost entry to be able to admire the Tibetan "god-king" live. The regular ticket prices ranged between 20 and just under 250 euros, certainly nothing to sneeze at. "Meet the Dalai Lama once in a lifetime" With the organizer found that nonprofit Buddhism in Frankfurt a. M. 2009 GmbH, however, the right slogan to reinforce the crowds at the event yet. The Dalai Lama as iconic pop star.

We of the Zeitgeist editorial we made ​​on Saturday on the way to the event of this entry »

Stern-Heft 29/2009: Popstar Guttenberg

Star Title 29/2009: "Popstar" zu Guttenberg

This afternoon I read on the homepage of T-Online: "Voters Favor: Guttenberg's most popular politician." The text goes on to say that he had - now even overtaken his boss analogous to an Emnid survey and the ZDF-Politbarometers- "The. Rise of the Black Baron seems unstoppable ... "The Star asked previously (in its number 29 of 9 July):" Can he also Chancellor "Guttenberg grins there from the title picture - but looks more like he had the night durchzecht? and no longer found for a shave. On the younger generation like the "cool" effect, just like a pop star - but only if policy is confused with Hollywood!

Why the major media are suddenly closed behind Guttenberg? This entry »


Dr. Eugen Gabowitsch (1938-2009)

Just recently I went to the sad news that I greatly appreciated Eugen Gabowitsch no longer with us. He died on January 21, in his 71st year of life after several months suffering. Zeitgeist reader you even know of his chronology critical contribution Bulletin 1-2004.

The mathematician with a doctorate Gabowitsch counted besides Heribert Illig and Uwe Topper probably the best-known analysts of history in this country. You all had and it is a concern - so different their research approaches may be - to show that so many of our era is wrong, perhaps even centuries have been sealed so. Gabowitsch who could represent quite daring theories (such as the fact that the Great Wall of China, as we know it today, is not older than 50 years is - he could also prove accordingly), always made a point to talk about a fictional time not from time forgery. The latter sounded him too much like conspiracy, while avoiding to hit the heart of the matter. This entry »

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