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On March 12, the World Day against Internet censorship, published "Reporters Without Borders" your story "Enemies of the Internet 2012". States were reanalyzed with massive online surveillance. Your results: Twelve are considered enemies of the Internet (namely Bahrain, Burma, China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Belarus), 14 more are under observation (Australia, Egypt, Eritrea, France, India, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Russia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates). In particular, France and Australia should make you listen.

Acquired understandably only direct forms of censorship, such as content filtering or General monitoring, usually by the authorities of the said countries.

The enemies of the Internet in 2012 (black in color) and in this regard under observation standing States, red in the picture (Source: Reporters Without Borders)

But censorship can be much more subtle. This entry »

The approaching 60th anniversary of BILD and the accompanying boycott campaign in defiance knew someone else the controversial media itself (and its educational work) to use. We're talking about Zeitgeist author and columnist Dr. Gerald Rollett, "Germany's probably oldest demonstrators" (O-Sound Picture).

On 7 February this year he succeeded in what many only dream about: The 86-year-old had made it for the second time in the tabloid! And that's where his plans but denominated quite different ("Actually I wanted to only 90 in the media").

It began with a protruding tongue - Einstein says hello - leading to the steep "BILD-career" helped him in July 2011 (at a Stuttgart-21 demo, see here) and an invitation to the "Night Café" by Wieland Backes result would have. For those who missed the broadcast time: At the end of this paper we find the Mittschnitt.

The second match was not long in coming. This entry »

Art and science, research and teaching are free. It says so in Article 5, paragraph 3, of our constitution. It can not hurt to stand out and be remembered, especially against the background of increasing attacks on our fundamental rights. But if you look at the apparatus of today "science" represents.

Science is no more activity, but an institution. Power structures have been established, which are not really conducive to science. To what extent, and what we can do about it, you will learn in this post.

The actual free research has taken a back seat, officials organizing the operation. Sure, organized science is not punishable. Not yet. This entry »

In the middle of the nail-biter to the whole Geldleiherei and Diekmann's voicemail overtaken our head of state the next horror message: He is in his time violated the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen duties have and now it liable (the curse of accumulation of offices ...), with 1.8 billion Euronen. Billion mind you, not millions!

Let's see how this is yet to be topped. Perhaps they will make Mr Wulff next time also for all consequences of globalization, climate change, no, the increased solar activity, and the impending doom (after all we are in 2012) responsible. I would not be miracles.

Somehow it seems not to make a few really fun, the much maligned Federal Presiding over pull one right now. This entry »

Since last Sunday, the media interest in the Pirate Party has potentiated scary. Previously, she was still overlooked as small party largely, sometimes even scorned or ridiculed. Since the pirates have moved 8.9% of the vote in the Berlin House of Representatives, and the same with all 15 candidates, the thing looks different. The new faces including biographies go through the press. Even in talk shows the "power privateers" are now sought after.

The Berlin election was the first major success since the establishment of the Pirate Party in 2006, one can see times on several local elections. But why the sudden run of the voters? Was it the increased election advertising in advance? Or is it (late) fruits of the rapid increase in number of members (now around 12,000, which makes it the seventh-largest pirate party behind the Greens)? Or was the time quite simply ripe?

Anyway: It was a smart move the pirates take the basic income and direct democracy in their party program. This entry »

Done yet signs and wonders? Takes place here just a change? Or is it just a concatenation of fortunate "coincidences"?

Leafing through this week's Focus issue anyway, I just had to marvel repeatedly. It begins with the title screen: Is there actually but "I - the best medicine in the world" and as a subtitle: "The miracle of self-healing". Ten pages devoted editors in the inner part this focus, which ends with a kind of summary, which says: "The new soul medicine". In Focus mind. I beg your pardon?

Until not too long ago still had Focus, Spiegel & Co. only contempt, if not scorn, but at least polemic left for anything that moves beyond the conventional ones. Have I slept through what? This entry »

At the beginning of the year I was by Andreas Bleeck (on behalf of the Party of Violet, in which I, incidentally, not a member'm - I'm in ever any party and will never enter into a what me alone demanded the journalistic neutrality) interviewed, where there is a concern to portray the publishers of so-called cultural and creative media landscape and their motives. The interview was now on the website of the "Violet" published - likewise as an audio recording as well as a transcript.

When asked, I was to my journalistic concerns, the origins and of course the current contents of the zeitgeist magazine (which has incidentally not with the do 'Zeitgeist Movie "or initiated by the movie" Zeitgeist Movement ". This entry»

On Wikileaks are the ghosts. If the leak platform in the service of good or evil, wondering now quite a few. Conflicting messages polarize addition. It says on the one hand, thanks to Wikileaks there is no censorship in Spain, then to read at the same time, precisely because of Wikileaks is the censorship in Hungary was built. Yes, what now?

I know Wikileaks already for a few years, so since the beginning. Early on there was published sorts Explosive, such as internal documents of Scientology, Internet blacklists or files that corruption scandals brought to light. At that time, barely a cock crowed after, you see times on the lawsuits of Scientologists.

The media began only fire when the secret recordings of the helicopter use, in which the US military along with numerous Afghan civilians among other things, a Reuters employee liquidated, went around the world and people shook. Wikileaks was instantly on everyone's lips. Until that time, the operator of the Whistleblower page had remained anonymous.

But then a certain Julian Assange spoke up, pretended to be a chief of Wikileaks, elsewhere as a speaker. This entry »

Something you previously knew only from totalitarian or dirigiste states such as China in recent years, is now also in Europe collection: In Hungary press freedom was de facto abolished. Will this make school? Against the backdrop of an increasingly rebellious population and under the pretext of further monitoring measures, pardon, to improve internal security for more than a few Western politicians quite a desirable scenario.

In "Press Freedom Index 2010" by Reporters Without Borders, in which the situation of different countries between 1 September 2009 and 1 September 2010, analyzed, Hungary came with space 23 still gone comparatively passable. Germany is in the ranking at number 17, the UK 19, France at 44 (!). And the United States? There were distinguished bizarrely - as well as in Israel - in national and international reporting. Apparently to resp censorship with regard to the mission in Afghanistan and in Iraq. shown separately in Palestine. Does that make sense? Can, or better, one must separate the ever so sharp? This entry »

titel_1_10_rheingold Freedom. Is she in danger of extinction? You, probably the greatest of all virtues? You who makes life worth living at all? You, whose value we recognize only if it has been lost to us? I mean, yes.

The from me otherwise highly regarded comedian Hagen Rether is convinced that we need less freedom. We would not know how to handle it, acted irresponsibly. Is he right?

Dealing with freedom to be learned, in fact. However, that requires an incentive - perhaps even a crisis. In any case, a liberal democratic framework. Although we have on paper, but how does the lived reality of? This entry »

Actually, I wanted to case (s) Sarrazin's not even add my two cents. Due to recent developments, however, I can not help, yes, I feel even obliged to address a few lines to you.

Just the other day we were able to experience how a major whistleblower platform, a protected space for informants, was publicly slaughtered. From all. Without exception. Because of negligence, for that matter, misconduct in a case. Forgotten was abruptly what was there previously disclosed to secret documents or still is, and served as the security of our democracy. Power Self circumcision now school?

Thilo Sarrazin has written a book in which he, in his view - based on induced current drawn by him Statistics - indicates shortcomings in integration policy in Germany. That is his right, even a vested, namely the freedom of expression. Something that was laboriously "fought" to the freedom of the press is linked.

The man speaks also of something, knowing that it might be unpleasant for some, and that he endangers himself and his office so. That's called courage.

Stands on an entirely different matter whether one agrees with Mr. Sarrazin or not. This entry »

Many people wonder in these times: a new war, a world war even who might also capture us? Something, it seems, is in the air. The United States are mobilizing, to read. We have long found ourselves in the midst of a new Cold War, even if this would not be accompanied medially as open as before Glasnost and the fall of the Berlin Wall. But who or what it actually applies to fight? Is there a threat?

What can, what should we believe? There is a lack of transparency. That which will be announced through official (governmental) channels is, in principle, be doubted. The white one, since it became known as the global public has been deceived propaganda in the past with "false flag operations". Pearl Harbor or even Hitler's invasion of Poland may be mentioned here as representative. Many expect 11 September to.

On the Internet there are a number of votes and comments from experts and those who want to be there. Opinions that applies equally to distinguish it from "ducks". However, this information may also be more to fear exceedingly. Of this entry »

BP has therefore fined imagery on your website. Several times. This was recently by a US blogger (later followed by others) uncovered - and promptly of mass media and news agencies picked up in this country. Long these quite different calibers were silent on disinformation on the part of the oil giant and the Obama administration. Zeitgeist blogger Magnus Göller documented the events of recent months committed and profound.

Since now "stuffed" the hole in the seabed seems (and I stress appears because there is even evidence that the action is again failed or new leaks detected were now probably also auströmt gas, so the whole situation to be much worse might as previously thought, especially after the amateurish "rescue attempts" of BP engineers), media interest in the oil fiasco took suddenly again. If the editors of the major publishers and broadcasting centers else not so stingy with positive news!

The FAZ had yesterday especially brave shown. Whether Mrs. Merkel had given by the apparent turn for the better well-ahead for free coverage? Of this entry »

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