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Since recently, I may be the proud owners of a "smartphone" expect (no, none IPhones because I Apples rigid policy does not even want to support and the hardware monopoly).

Frankly, I'm flabbergasted, what has been happening in recent years in the field of mobile communications. My cell phone is actually mutated to a portable mini office with a range of functions, from I as a journalist dared hardly dream recently: E-mails and send, rechechieren the Internet, subscribe newsreader, read e-books, make high resolution photos and movies , plan routes and through the country navigate (and even with so-called augmented reality -Apps) use social networks and messenger such as Skype, online banking on the move, documents and even barcodes to scan for product identification, and even voice and music recognition is now with surprisingly high hit rate possible (to dictate a text message is very practical) - and, believe it or not: you can make calls with the thing also. All this finally with a single small device, at affordable prices. My joy at the beginning was huge.

But then came the disillusionment: namely there's a catch. Not to say, a giant hook. This entry »


Source: Bild Zeitung of 6 July 2011

Necessity is the mother of invention, recently even the Federal Government. Because of the emergency nurses you adopted last Monday without further ado and without fanfare a legislative amendment, which extended and shifted the competence of the authorities. For example, to access with immediate effect nursing homes under the armpits policemen.

A photojournalist get these snapshots immediately after entry into force of the amendment. They show motivated officers on duty as they convey a friendly elderly man, look after this with no time pressure, and even take pictures of him. The police finally Protect and Serve!

But wait, there is something wrong. Keeps the Opa not a "counter-Stuttgart 21" sticker in hand? And what should the title "retired demo against S21"? This entry »

No April Fool: For the 12th time the evening were the German "BigBrotherAwards" awarded to particularly active Datenschutzfrevler yesterday. Had gathered to this festive occasion about 300 guests in the Hechelei in Bielefeld (yes, the city actually exists, all conspiracy theories, despite - I could convince myself personally it ;-)), including the judges (including the Chaos Computer Club ) and those in charge of Foebud e. V., which organizes the award annually.

The prizes were awarded this year: This entry »

Since yesterday evening, more precisely since this morning, we know that two, if not five reactors after the earthquake in Japan is threatening a meltdown - with all the consequences of a meltdown that could put the previously destroyed in the shadows. With all due sympathy for the people living there but one wonders how the island nation could ever come up with the idea to build so many nuclear power plants in this earthquake-prone region - where a major disaster could only be a matter of time before that! Why tempt fate in this way?

Erwartete Ausbreitung des Tsunami, der vor allem Japan traf (Bild: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

Expected expansion of the tsunami that hit Japan especially (Image: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

Ironically, Japan, one that comes to mind, but that had to experience the devastating power of nuclear power already years ago around 65! And apparently nothing learned from. Worse: This entry »

Our Lord of Defense, which is a. Not only that, he just did an article from the FAZ to initiate his doctoral thesis. No, he "forgot" also to designate the name of the author and the source. And in 2006, where he was already active in the middle of political business. What should one make of this?

Also from the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, he should have taken a little while violating copyrights, know what once humiliating cannibalize the Swiss and recover from Freiherr an apology.

Sure, it has never been as easy as in the Internet era, to steal texts. However, it was never so easy to check dear Mr. zu Guttenberg, whether a text is stolen!

Is this the end of his political career? This entry »

What they do not have to listen to everything in advance of the Euro Vision Song Contest: As a Swedish language therapist sounds, trying to imitate Ali G., as the one and titled as a dialect disaster. Others recall their debate to the one Australian Outbackbauern. On stage, she was moving like a "dementia sick horse", someone wrote in a forum, zappele Spotlight "Miss Kiss Kiss Negligible" spastic to himself, said even the FOCUS in the meeting of their first album.

But then she's shown all won in Oslo after their single "Satellite" had earlier stormed the German charts: Lena Meyer-Landrut, the new German Fräuleinwunder. Nobody polarized media landscape lately more more than the 18-year old, no split the nation into two parts in such a way.

Meanwhile, there is plenty of evidence that it is precisely the slope, the "Spun" is supposedly that fascinated and seduced "entrain" the masses. This entry »

On 1 April 2009 I had you, dear reader, dear reader, verschaukelt at this point. This year I'm wearing here and vice versa before creative contributions together, where you were today busted by others: This entry »

After extensive Climategate scandal (a comprehensive survey we find z. B. FOCUS MONEY) and the recent misinterpretation of glacier melt by the "Intergovernmental Panel on Climate" (see my last blog post) keeps us science constantly new pods before, which often only are visible at second glance as such. Three examples of the past three days thereafter should be made ​​clear: more of this entry »

Have you noticed it: The Swine Flu * is largely disappeared from the media coverage (leaving aside from Oliver Pocher self-promotion on the occasion of his alleged infection from). Strange, where we're supposedly in the midst of a pandemic - and why even President Obama declared a national state of emergency had. Though it might be that the "authorities" of the burgeoning opposition to controversial vaccines and suspected forced vaccinations has become too hot, maybe even came up afraid of dozing mass could still stand out quite different contradictions?

In fact, as some smoldering fires more or less underground: This entry »

After the editorial deadline of the last article about Michael Jackson's feigned death further indications are now surfaced that more clearly indicate that Jacko not have another choice than to live. It almost seems as if he had all long beforehand prepared: His contact with Gunther von Hagens, the Plastinierer the "Body Worlds" explains Jackson's coup with him replacing Waxwork yet conclusive: He probably wanted to tap important know-how, without anyone notice.

In June, he presented spanked his children for the first time without a mask to the public (you do not want to think that far, can also be seen as part of the perfidious plan. This entry »

Millions watched yesterday the funeral service at the funeral of Michael Jackson. Today now transpired that the King of Pop, amazingly, still alive, yes even to enjoy excellent health! Many a critical observer, which z. B. recently even recordings of a mercurial Michaels at dance rehearsals got to face, already believed to suspect that something can not go above board. The message was for our editors in any case such shocking that the same again hired a minute's silence, because we were probably the aufgesessen duck of his death. But in order. What had happened?

This entry »

Protestbanner gegen die drohende Internetzensur

Protest banners bearing the likeness of our family minister against the threat of Internet censorship

Ursula von der Leyen has demonstrably lied terms "child pornography on the Internet", that's for sure now. "Neither one has dealt with the legal bases of other nations, yet the federal government has tried to find out where servers are with child pornography. And the foreign lists were also not verified, "Thomas Knüwer writes in his blog Handelsblatt. The Internet activist Lutz Donnerhacke even wants a total of 13 lies of "Zensursula" have, so the rapidly on the net spread Nickname our family minister debunked. This entry »

Actions speak volumes: The advance of Minister for Family Affairs Ursula von der Leyen, a lump sum to deny access to specific web pages, meets with incomprehension - not only for experts. More than 100,000 people (!) Who now co-signed an online petition, which clearly speaks out against the lock (I reported). Because it technically does not make sense, and is administratively and psychologically extremely problematic, writes Netzpolitik.org in the article "Why it comes to censorship".

In other European countries there are attempts at censorship, concerning the Internet more of this entry »

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