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The events seem to overturn the "affair of state" to the ESM and the fiscal pact to take speed. Resistance appears not only on the road and in the Blogger landscape.

First, the Federal Constitutional Court had the voice of the Bundestag strengthened (at the instigation of the Greens). The deputies were not sufficiently informed about the planned permanent euro rescue package.

Then the Constitutional Court judges more time asked for Mr Gauck for consideration of the bill. The Focus writes: "Apparently, wanted the President to urge the Chancellor the relevant laws and ratification, on the evening of 29 June, immediately after the vote in the Bundestag and Bundesrat, sign. "The faction of the Left had put appropriate urgent applications at the Federal Constitutional Court.

The constitutional lawyer Christoph Degenhart and the former Minister of Justice, Herta Däubler-Gmelin (SPD) also announced a class action lawsuit on when Prozessbevollmächtige of "More Democracy e. V.", as long as the ESM enters into force. In their alliance "Europe needs more democracy" to 12,000 constitutional complaints are bundled.

Even the middle class is active. This entry »

The comedian Roland Düringer (born 1963) held in early December in the Austrian television a speech that caused quite a bit of excitement. Düringer, for 22 years in the business, one in our neighboring country to the most famous of his profession. His works have won several awards.

In the dynamically rising "Wutrede", as they are known in this clarity and emotion with us most of Georg Schramm, he brings to the point what probably many Wutbürgern, Occupylern, dropouts, Politikverdrossenen, Info warriors and other outraged Aufbrüchlern on the soul burns. Listen for yourself: This entry »

Tents under the Euro symbol: Occupy makes it possible (Photo: basement)

Frankfurt am Main. The other night I went on a sight-seeing tour of the local "Occupy camp". Moment, you do not know what is the Occupy movement? In earnest? Then you are not alone. I had this awakening phenomenon recently even a sociology (!) - To explain student. She read a equal in power, and then said tersely: "Does not sound really revolutionary about." Revolutionary. Should it be the general?

Back to my tour of the camp. Everywhere labeled flyers and posters, a variety of more or less wise sayings and slogans of all ideological persuasions. A friendly Occupyler itself significant as an anarchist, spoke to me and chatted regardless of the preserves. This entry »

It's never been easier probably to gain a seat in parliament, than they are today. Just quickly be Pirate Party member and can be set up for the election. Well, in the near future it should look a bit poor what federal election terms (2011, no more, in 2012 only one).

There hailing from autumn 2013, a year only as election dates. And the election of the Bundestag also approaching. Plenty of opportunities So, at least one's own "basic income" ever lush hedge. Until then can not hurt anything temporal preparation safely. For example, one can imagine already in colorful pictures, what you will do with all the coal ...

Otherwise, it does not need much knowledge. Learning by Doing just fine, so you can see even in long-established deputies how frequently the sometimes change their department.

Audacity, or at least daring appearance / appearance, is also not a disadvantage; On the contrary, it underscores the credibility. Authenticity seems in demand again.

And this is serious!

To be pirate has what, which is from now on "hip". This entry »

All the world is currently staring at Japan's impending meltdown. The mass media repeat mesmerizing nature pictures from the disaster area and keep us firmly in front of the telly. Other significant events that recently have dominated the headlines (awakening in North Africa!), Pushed into the background (intentional?).

Some bloggers who know better and can practice in lurid, tawdry titles such as "Hiroshima 2.0" which completely pass by the actual thing.

Merkel, Westerwelle and Co. exploit the incidents in the country of the rising sun for their re-election and try a delaying tactic (otherwise thinks the term "moratorium"), only to announce sometime in April once again "April Fool!". Post read more »

Where do I meet like-minded people with whom I can exchange ideas about zeitgeist issues and deepen my knowledge? These and similar questions go to our editors an increasingly common. Writing a comment via the Internet seems to many to be impersonal.

Some also feel the desire to implement the knowledge gained by reading the zeitgeist-print / online edition into action to join forces with others, "networking" to how it likes to call today. As we have seen, there is a lack of really high-class encounter possibilities beyond the usual "round tables".

Now this we want to change. After a period of preparation, we have now created the conditions that interested Zeitgeist readers! Can come together. This entry »

Actually, I wanted to case (s) Sarrazin's not even add my two cents. Due to recent developments, however, I can not help, yes, I feel even obliged to address a few lines to you.

Just the other day we were able to experience how a major whistleblower platform, a protected space for informants, was publicly slaughtered. From all. Without exception. Because of negligence, for that matter, misconduct in a case. Forgotten was abruptly what was there previously disclosed to secret documents or still is, and served as the security of our democracy. Power Self circumcision now school?

Thilo Sarrazin has written a book in which he, in his view - based on induced current drawn by him Statistics - indicates shortcomings in integration policy in Germany. That is his right, even a vested, namely the freedom of expression. Something that was laboriously "fought" to the freedom of the press is linked.

The man speaks also of something, knowing that it might be unpleasant for some, and that he endangers himself and his office so. That's called courage.

Stands on an entirely different matter whether one agrees with Mr. Sarrazin or not. This entry »

What they do not have to listen to everything in advance of the Euro Vision Song Contest: As a Swedish language therapist sounds, trying to imitate Ali G., as the one and titled as a dialect disaster. Others recall their debate to the one Australian Outbackbauern. On stage, she was moving like a "dementia sick horse", someone wrote in a forum, zappele Spotlight "Miss Kiss Kiss Negligible" spastic to himself, said even the FOCUS in the meeting of their first album.

But then she's shown all won in Oslo after their single "Satellite" had earlier stormed the German charts: Lena Meyer-Landrut, the new German Fräuleinwunder. Nobody polarized media landscape lately more more than the 18-year old, no split the nation into two parts in such a way.

Meanwhile, there is plenty of evidence that it is precisely the slope, the "Spun" is supposedly that fascinated and seduced "entrain" the masses. This entry »

Today is Walpurgis Night and morning hence the May 1st traditional Labour Day, also known as "achievements of the international labor movement" called. To fight for labor, now appears - against the backdrop of rising unemployment - more important than ever. But only at first glance.

Closer look reveals that the classic wage labor is more and more ausdienen. Of this entry »

In recent days and weeks I had often shake their heads. What is wrong in the alternative media landscape? Am I dreaming or resemble the headlines more and more those of the often maligned "mainstream press", in terms of sensationalism? Familiarize yourself now politbloggers the motto "faster, ever higher, ever further" to own?

It seems that so many - striving for years for clarification, the imbalance of our money economy aufzeigend -. Missed his powder This entry »

No sooner is the largest existing constitutional challenge, measured by the number of co-complainants, the table (see previous blog entry), the next one comes rolling: This time is the "retention of social data" being targeted by civil rights activists, it is about ELENA.

As the FoeBuD e. V. announced on March 17, 48 hours after the call for participation is already more than 10,000 people had signed. At the time of publication of this paper, it was the 17,622th The association had initiated the constitutional complaint together with other data protection authorities and was surprised at how the news spread like an avalanche.

ELENA, which came "Electronic Remuneration Statement", the beginning of this year in force was privacy advocates from the outset as a concern. This entry »

It's finally over, the unspeakable Copenhagen Summit. What prevailed there for a mess: The press was able to move only be restricted if it was because ever admitted. The politicians present were moving toward each other, then back away from one another (as long as you can the thinned rapporteurs believe), then yet to attain a minimum consensus (which was once celebrated by Mrs Merkel as a success - hm, whether it has since probably confused something and assumed that soon again pending elections?).

The many activists before a closed door were the most active, but shame to the energy used when the ideals are wrong. This entry »

The controversial EU Reform Treaty of Lisbon is in this country by: by the German Bundestag, the Federal Council, by the Federal Constitutional Court with pads (after a total of eight or more parties had lodged a constitutional complaint), reworked with accompanying law and again by the Bundestag, rejected renewed constitutional complaint and Finally, on 23 September, personally signed by the German President Horst Köhler. Suitable for the parliamentary elections.

Apart from Germany, previously 23 states had ratified the treaty. Now it depends only on the hard-headed Irishman, it is said in the media. The green island had indeed clearly in a referendum in June 2008 against the reform treaty. Tomorrow, on October 2, but the referendum is to be repeated. Of this entry »

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