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At first it was in Germany's finances, which were snatched on June 29, 2012, the state sovereignty. That day was the ESM (European Stability Mechanism permanent rescue fund with unlimited liability, coll.) And the so-called "fiscal pact" waved through by Parliament. And, although the deputies the hundreds of pages long rules, drafted in kompliziertestem "Anglo-Saxon" had received, until shortly before the inspection. This procedure was known already by the Lisbon Treaty.

The majority in the Bundestag came about because the major parties in an oblique Deal agreed ("ESM against financial market tax"), unbelievable in retrospect, how cheap the Constitution was hawked. Cleverly had so threaded it, before the vote, a two-thirds majority to call (amazing how sure could feel the ESM advocates) to go constitutional concerns in the run out of the way.

Also, the Federal Council did not hesitate to approve long. As "countertrade" the Prime Minister has been a relief for the municipalities in the billions pledged. Negotiation practices that would so rather belongs to a bazaar.

As predicted by many constitutional lawyers, were even the Federal Constitutional Court - after initial Hadern - found no major concerns (What could have done it differently? The court was overwhelmed hopeless with the scope of the decision Ironically, it had thus itself abolished, just like before. Parliament.) Earlier, the President had signed it without hesitation, so that the ESM on time July 9, 2012 came into force and the end of democracy in Germany was sealed.

Resistance was found one like it in retrospect hardly believe also außerparteilich only slightly - apart from a few petitions, demonstrations, strange actions (like the catapulting of basic laws) and lawsuit threats to the Constitutional Court. People were firmly occupied by the European Football Championship (broadcasters had only in superficial allusions lost until it was too late after all). The mass of citizens was at that time anyway, stundein stundaus, busy, to earn their livelihood. From the history learned nothing: Bread and Circuses already ancient Rome had brought the downfall ...

Early sounded the call for a new constitution. This entry »

Have you ever asked the question - if you are not a member of the party, where they would be politically situate? Or even where you are situates from others?

Apply as a Right, because you can not support democracy distant or even anti-democratic development within the EU?

Are you "right" if you stand up for the preservation of sovereignty? Or the D-Mark (or another national currency) want back? Or in connection with international football tournaments, a Germany flag carry on car?

Are You a Right, because you on dangers of alienation and the loss of cultural values, if not to point one's own identity? Because you cultivate the German language and have nothing with "gender mainstreaming" in the hat?

And if you do not want to approve of government intervention or regulation of any kind, then what are you? A liberal or libertarian?

If you hold up the flag of freedom and are against any form of monitoring, you are then also a libertarian? Or pirate? This entry »

On March 12, the World Day against Internet censorship, published "Reporters Without Borders" your story "Enemies of the Internet 2012". States were reanalyzed with massive online surveillance. Your results: Twelve are considered enemies of the Internet (namely Bahrain, Burma, China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Belarus), 14 more are under observation (Australia, Egypt, Eritrea, France, India, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Russia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates). In particular, France and Australia should make you listen.

Acquired understandably only direct forms of censorship, such as content filtering or General monitoring, usually by the authorities of the said countries.

The enemies of the Internet in 2012 (black in color) and in this regard under observation standing States, red in the picture (Source: Reporters Without Borders)

But censorship can be much more subtle. This entry »

Art and science, research and teaching are free. It says so in Article 5, paragraph 3, of our constitution. It can not hurt to stand out and be remembered, especially against the background of increasing attacks on our fundamental rights. But if you look at the apparatus of today "science" represents.

Science is no more activity, but an institution. Power structures have been established, which are not really conducive to science. To what extent, and what we can do about it, you will learn in this post.

The actual free research has taken a back seat, officials organizing the operation. Sure, organized science is not punishable. Not yet. This entry »

The comedian Roland Düringer (born 1963) held in early December in the Austrian television a speech that caused quite a bit of excitement. Düringer, for 22 years in the business, one in our neighboring country to the most famous of his profession. His works have won several awards.

In the dynamically rising "Wutrede", as they are known in this clarity and emotion with us most of Georg Schramm, he brings to the point what probably many Wutbürgern, Occupylern, dropouts, Politikverdrossenen, Info warriors and other outraged Aufbrüchlern on the soul burns. Listen for yourself: This entry »

The powers of Europe are meeting today and tomorrow in Brussels to save the euro renewed once. So the media report. It seems that everything is on the line - even central banks already played through a life without the euro. Or are these debates only "mock battles" because the final plan is long, as some rumors?

I dare already a forecast. Although many people, not only in this country, an end to the unpopular currency wish: The euro is here to stay. At least you will do everything possible to get him. Everything back and forth in defiance. How do I do that fixed?

You just have to juxtapose various statements and recent developments, and already there is a synopsis: This entry »

Tents under the Euro symbol: Occupy makes it possible (Photo: basement)

Frankfurt am Main. The other night I went on a sight-seeing tour of the local "Occupy camp". Moment, you do not know what is the Occupy movement? In earnest? Then you are not alone. I had this awakening phenomenon recently even a sociology (!) - To explain student. She read a equal in power, and then said tersely: "Does not sound really revolutionary about." Revolutionary. Should it be the general?

Back to my tour of the camp. Everywhere labeled flyers and posters, a variety of more or less wise sayings and slogans of all ideological persuasions. A friendly Occupyler itself significant as an anarchist, spoke to me and chatted regardless of the preserves. This entry »

Not at all more insidious, but most obviously the belt-tightening in the Bundestag. No, unfortunately not what MPs salaries terms - the so-called diets take regardless of any economic situation to. Strangled is rather of thought and freedom of action of our elected representatives, and to always bolder way. These efforts go by the major parties - and their exuberant hubris.

That group chairmen and other party officials chide those who differ in polls of the given line, as happened when it comes to health care reform or the Mazedonieneinsatz the Bundeswehr went, belongs almost to parliamentary normalcy today. Particularly apparent fact, at that time, Franz Müntefering (SPD), who invoked the "party discipline". In other parties, such as the Greens, there was just such controversies. From punish the "apostates" (z. B. By dropping in the nomination of candidates for the next general election) to the expulsion from the party and the range extends to intimidate practice.

So also with the thorny vote on the euro bailout fund (EFSF) last Thursday. Many nonlinear faithful EFSF opponents had to listen to this in advance worst insults from their own ranks, even the veteran Wolfgang Bosbach (CDU) was able to experience this puzzled.

Meanwhile, is clearly regulated in the Basic Law: this entry »

Since last Sunday, the media interest in the Pirate Party has potentiated scary. Previously, she was still overlooked as small party largely, sometimes even scorned or ridiculed. Since the pirates have moved 8.9% of the vote in the Berlin House of Representatives, and the same with all 15 candidates, the thing looks different. The new faces including biographies go through the press. Even in talk shows the "power privateers" are now sought after.

The Berlin election was the first major success since the establishment of the Pirate Party in 2006, one can see times on several local elections. But why the sudden run of the voters? Was it the increased election advertising in advance? Or is it (late) fruits of the rapid increase in number of members (now around 12,000, which makes it the seventh-largest pirate party behind the Greens)? Or was the time quite simply ripe?

Anyway: It was a smart move the pirates take the basic income and direct democracy in their party program. This entry »

Done yet signs and wonders? Takes place here just a change? Or is it just a concatenation of fortunate "coincidences"?

Leafing through this week's Focus issue anyway, I just had to marvel repeatedly. It begins with the title screen: Is there actually but "I - the best medicine in the world" and as a subtitle: "The miracle of self-healing". Ten pages devoted editors in the inner part this focus, which ends with a kind of summary, which says: "The new soul medicine". In Focus mind. I beg your pardon?

Until not too long ago still had Focus, Spiegel & Co. only contempt, if not scorn, but at least polemic left for anything that moves beyond the conventional ones. Have I slept through what? This entry »


Source: Bild Zeitung of 6 July 2011

Necessity is the mother of invention, recently even the Federal Government. Because of the emergency nurses you adopted last Monday without further ado and without fanfare a legislative amendment, which extended and shifted the competence of the authorities. For example, to access with immediate effect nursing homes under the armpits policemen.

A photojournalist get these snapshots immediately after entry into force of the amendment. They show motivated officers on duty as they convey a friendly elderly man, look after this with no time pressure, and even take pictures of him. The police finally Protect and Serve!

But wait, there is something wrong. Keeps the Opa not a "counter-Stuttgart 21" sticker in hand? And what should the title "retired demo against S21"? This entry »

Late last year, he had contemplated, now he is serious: A few weeks ago, the Dalai Lama announced from his Indian asylum that he resigns from his position as a political leader of Tibet. His successor in this office is to be elected to office, it said. His position as spiritual leader, however, he reserved.

A clever, especially a long overdue step. It is exactly this Vereininigung two offices in his person and the resulting lack of clarity to who is really speaking to his people, the secular or the religious leader, it forbade his people to contradict him. Because his Buddhist leader have you follow unconditionally, but not its political, it explained the former German translators of Damai Lama, the Buddhist Helmut Gassner, in an interview with zeitgeist. This entry »

That lobbying constitutes a manifest evils in our society, is today probably deny hardly anyone. Many networks and cliques make behind the scenes with the politics of the day - according to the motto: one hand washes the other. In Berlin alone, drifting more than 5,000 lobbyists up to mischief.

Meinungsmache, disinformation, unfair collusion, bribery, nepotism, subtle influence draft legislation and votes, before splitting in tenders ... - seems endless list of effect names and offenses of which the average citizen brave long mitbekam nothing. Or could not imagine / wanted how unscrupulously able to act politicians and business leaders. Many also are privy to and remain silent out of fear, or because they themselves benefit from cowardice.

But there are brewing up what: This entry »

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