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In recent years, the financial industry is heavily under fire: The reputation of bankers has become even worse than that of the politicians, and Occupy has shown that more and more people can always offer less of any "monetary authorities".

Nevertheless, in the mainstream media there were in relation to relatively few documentaries that really critically the background of the financial crisis-rayed, is set out on the search for the true causes and not only took the losers, but also the profiteers under the microscope. Usually only the surface has been touched, if at all.

This appears to be changing for some time. Exposed I have three contributions that have been sent in recent weeks and months on TV and have a lot more depth or provide insights, than what they were accustomed otherwise. Whether it's a coincidence that all of them were broadcast on the First or not, it is praiseworthy in any case. Nevertheless, ladies and gentlemen, director: Such films would have wished much earlier! Now, where there the sparrows from the rooftops, that's no big investigative power more, and also no longer particularly courageous. We can only hope that now take other program makers their educational mission seriously. Viewers want to be in the future more frequently spoiled with such enigmatic food, and please at prime time!

Here are the aforementioned films (in meaningful first):

  • The big Euro-scams. If any any deceptive

Content: With great research effort Michael Wech reconstructed in the documentation of how Europe's politicians deceive each other. Almost all responsible financial leaders in Germany, Greece and Brussels to speak openly about the wild origins of the currency, including, inter alia, the two former German Finance Minister Theo Waigel and Hans Eichel, the current Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, the longtime head of the Euro Group Jean-Claude Juncker, the former Federal Reserve Chairman Hans Tietmeyer and the then Finance Minister of Greece, Yannos Papantoniou. The documentary looks behind the scenes and is humbling: The crisis of the euro is a history of deception and self-deception - all members, even the Germans. (Text: The First)

A documentary by Michael Wech
Original Air in July 2012 Duration: 43:58 min.
→ Direct link to ARD library.

My Comment: Of course, the contribution can not disguise the fact that Greece is not the primary cause of the ailing euro despite the Eurotrickserei. That would be too easy. Political Poker, incompetence, Statistics tricks are only one side of the coin. The other is that of Invest Banks and their unscrupulous machinations which got us all the misery in their unbridled greed only. In the film, Goldman Sachs will be demonstrated, which was hired by the Greek authorities as a consultant to "tweak" their balance sheets for submission to the EU, and by the way - via appropriate "legal" speed shenanigans - earned 500 million euros. The country itself it has helped ultimately little to nothing.

  • The world on credit. Tear us the debt in the abyss?

Content: In every German overloaded a national debt of almost 26,000 euros. Globally, the industrialized countries with 55 trillion euros in debt. Now there are citizens addressed by saving. The national debt has redistributed trillion worldwide - from bottom to top. With the debt exploding wealth of millionaires in the world. Why? Greedy Banker? Unsuspecting politicians? The national debt and the domination of the financial oligarchy are a danger to our communities and democracy, says the economist Prof. Max Otte. But how did the world ever to financial bedlam? Come the industrialized nations ever back out of debt? If the big crash coming? Is there a hyperinflation? Helps only a haircut? And who pays at the end of the bill? (Text: The First)

A documentary by Tilmann Achtnich and Hans Peter Michel
Original Air in March 2012, Duration: 43:59 min.
→ Direct link to ARD library.

My comment: This documentary shows that the much-quoted debt always face also assets to the same extent. This fact is often forgotten - or swept under the carpet (profiteers chop among themselves reluctant eyes out). And that, consequently, a haircut would be the only sensible step, on that also contribute the winner (= trigger?) The crisis their long overdue Obulus to save the euro / the system / society, because debt restructuring also means assets section. Maybe they are, the profiteers, the only ones still prevented by "return" of large parts of its assets to the impending collapse and so also can save their own residual asset ...

  • The conscience of the super-rich

Content: Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, two of the richest men in the world, launched in June 2010 an unusual campaign: The investment guru and Microsoft billionaire pledged to donate half of their wealth to charity. "The Giving Pledge" is this philanthropic initiative, which have committed themselves to around 70 US billionaires. "The Giving Pledge" brings together the meantime the incredible sum of approximately 200 billion US dollars. Since the great proclamation a discussion about the boon and bane of the donated money has broken world. Because the request meets a public that is increasingly skeptical about capitalism. (...) There is sufficient because, if some rich man want to donate a portion of their money at a whim? What is your personal motivation behind the donation promises? What responsibility do the billionaires do justice? Which moral claim behind it? (Text: The First)

A documentary by Gisela Baur and Ralph Gladitz
Original Air in July 2012 Duration: 75:18 min.
→ Direct link to ARD library.

My comment: Philantrope for generations are, says Ariane de Rothschild. Well. One gave away great asset shares is quite honorable, but what good is it if the money flows continue to flow as they did so far, the overall system does not change sustainable? Finally, there are the billionaires who zoom through the compounding mechanism their assets steadily without assistance, or even just in the crisis - thereby worsen and this yet. What nevertheless something come up short in the film: Where exactly does the money that will be zurückgespendet "to society"? Who owns the foundations and where their funds will be reinvested? Serves the "do-gooders" of the super rich really the rest of the world?

More documentaries for money issue, even older age and by independent filmmakers - sometimes very critical, some less critical (note here how the type of coverage over the years has changed):

  • Gambled and sued: The "good deals" Deutsche Bank (D, 2012), directed by: Markus Schmidt / Andreas City / Kim Otto, Duration: 43:35 min
  • Operation euros. Fateful Years of an exchange (D, 2012), directed by Stephan Lamby / Michael Wech, Duration: 43:38 min.
  • In the head of Bankers (CH, 2012), Directed by: Beat Bieri, Duration: 50:56 min.
  • Deptocracy (GR, 2011), directed by: Katerina Kitidi / Aris Chatzistefanou, Duration: 74:48 min, with German subtitles..
  • . Greek tragedy The consequences for Germany (D, 2011), directed by Frank Bethmann / Susanne Pohlmann / Udo van Kampen / Andreas Wunn, Duration: 30:02 min.
  • Anxiety about money (D, 2011), directed by: Karl Hinterleitner / Reinhard Laska / Christian Rohde, Duration: 28:27 min.
  • The bank always wins! (D, 2011), directed by: Michael Cordero / Jessica Staschen, Duration: 41:09 min.
  • The world of Josef Ackermann (D, 2011), directed by: Hubert Seipel, Duration: 43:52 min.
  • Zocken until the state helps. Carries us the financial industry into the abyss? (D, 2010), directed by: Wiltrud Kremer / Brigitte Schalk, Duration: 43:37 min.
  • The euro on the precipice. As Germany and Greece triggered the euro crisis (CH, 2010), directed by: Hans Jürg Zumstein, Duration: 48:32 min.
  • The Euro. In the crosshairs of the financial sharks (F, 2010), directed by Jean-Michel Meurice / Jean Quatremer, Duration: 59:01 min.
  • Living without Money (NOR / IT, 2010), directed by Line Halvorsen, Duration: 52:00 min.
  • Appearances are deceptive. An expedition into the mysteries of money (D, 2009), directed by Claus Strigel, Duration: 97:00 min.
  • The rise of money. The monetary history. (GB, 2011), Director: Adrian Pennick, Duration: 180: 00 min. (in four parts)
  • Billionaire (D, 2009), directed by Reinhard Laska / Christian Rohde, Duration: 43:58 min.
  • The inventors of the euro (F, 2009), directed by Jean-Michel Meurice / Jean Quatremer, duration 38:43 min.
  • Let's Make Money (A, 2008), directed by Erwin Wagenhofer, Duration: 110: 00 min.
  • The case. How the UBS in the maelstrom of the financial crisis came (CH, 2008), directed by Gisela Weibel, Duration: 49:43 min.
  • Why all missing money. "Give me the world plus 5 percent." The story of the Goldsmith Fabian (D, 2008), directed by: Christoph Lehmann, Duration: 49:09 min.
  • Money, greed and megalomania. Switzerland in the wake of the financial crisis (CH, 2008), directed by: Karin Bauer, Duration: 50:27 min.
  • Home away, bank way to make money off (D, 2008), directed by: Ekkehardt Gahntz, Duration: 28:34 min.
  • The Spirit of Money (D, 2007), directed by: Yorick Nies, Duration: 88 min.

This list is not exhaustive - pure interviews and short contributions are not included.

I look forward to any suggestions as supplements to comment! With direct links to film clips please mention only copyright correct sources.

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9 Responses to "" docu-inflation "on the financial crisis: the best movies with a critical claim"

  • Markolf White Chicken says:

    Dear Mr Röttcher,
    Thank you for this comprehensive filmography about money (un) nature and financial crisis!

    What you absolutely must see and should link here:
    The movie "Inside Job," which is a documentary about how the big banks have the financial crisis and the Lehman collapse systematically prepared and exploited. Now sit the same types in the Obama administration, so that the current US administration is a pure Wall Street Administration (as opposed to BigOil administration with Bush before).


    Many greetings!
    Markolf White Chicken

  • Aristo says:

    Interesting formation, thank you very much.

    A documentary may not be missing, however.

    The Secret of Oz - documentary - German subtitles


  • alfman says:

    Filmography great!
    Thank you for this, but an extremely important film I would like to add:
    "Economic Hit Man" - serving the business mafia
    (German, but there is also an English OV on youtube)

  • Thanks says:

    Thanks for the list !!!

    Spontaneously I still have two pieces:

    Privatization - shift of state property into private hands

    The ZDF documentary shows how it could come to the worst crisis in the euro zone and as the German citizens of the policy to be deceived. (O-TEXT ZDF)

    If the author can not spare the time, it would be great, relevant links up with the same record.

  • Thanks says:

    A British Train Engineer, a Philippine MOTHER, a South African activist and the citizens of a Bolivian town: YOU already struggling against what awaits us all: THE BIG SALE.

    The Big Sellout (D / 2007) Director: Florian Opitz, duration 94 min

  • Thanks says:

    The big Reibach

    The dance of the vultures

  • Thomas Röttcher says:

    Goldman Sachs - A Bank directs the world

  • politropolis.de says:

    Thanks for this list! Below attached link I think is an indispensable animation on the topic: The crisis of capitalism - theses by David Harvey vividly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=qOP2V_np2c0#!


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