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At first it was in Germany's finances, which were snatched on June 29, 2012, the state sovereignty. That day was the ESM (European Stability Mechanism permanent bailout fund with unlimited liability, coll.) and the so-called "fiscal compact" rubber-stamped by Parliament. And, although the deputies the hundreds of pages long terms, written in kompliziertestem "Anglo-Saxon" had received, shortly before the inspection. This procedure was known already by the Lisbon Treaty.

The majority in the Bundestag came about because the major parties in an oblique Deal agreed ("ESM against financial market tax"), unbelievable in retrospect, how cheap the Constitution was hawked. Cleverly had so threaded it, before the vote, a two-thirds majority to demand (amazing how sure could feel the ESM-proponents) to go ahead with constitutional objections out of the way.

Also, the Federal Council did not hesitate to approve long. As "countertrade" the prime minister was a relief for the communities in the billions pledged. Bargaining practices, which would so rather belongs to a bazaar.

As predicted by many constitutional law , were even by the Federal Constitutional Court - after initial rags - found no major concerns (What could have done it differently? The court was overwhelmed hopelessly with the scope of the decision Ironically, it had thus itself abolished, as well as before. Parliament.) Previously, the President had signed it without hesitation, so that the ESM deadline July 9, 2012 came into force and the end of democracy in Germany was sealed.

Resistance was found one like it in retrospect hardly believe also außerparteilich only to a small extent - apart from a few petitions, demonstrations, curious actions (such as catapulting of fundamental laws ) and threats of legal action before the Constitutional Court. People were firmly occupied by the European Football Championship (broadcasters had only in superficial allusions lost until it was too late after all). The mass of citizens was at that time anyway, stundein stundaus so busy to earn their livelihood. From the history learned nothing: Bread and Games already the Old Rome had brought the downfall ...

Early on, sounded the call for a new constitution. Full front runners, the Greens (which was also the time when the term "useful idiots" was), who later became Governor financial Wolfgang Schäuble extended the idea first on the whole of Europe . Of course, the people must decide, said Schäuble. A cunning move, as it turned out. For many naive observers from the alternative camp saw it as an opportunity and supported the idea even but underestimated that the dumb remainder, the bulk so that dictated recast (which abolished many basic rights to sent verklausulierte way and the citizens put at least significantly worse) would agree.

Leading EU heads such as Van Rompuy, Draghi, Barroso and Juncker urged immediately for further reform and more bureaucracy . Prior to adopting the ESM they had a "master plan" pulled out of the drawer, which provided, among other things, to let flow the banks to even more directly grants.

The EU interior ministers had meanwhile set the Schengen Agreement override to on anticipated migrations - in any direction - to respond quickly with border closures can. The gentlemen could be all sorts of other "security solutions" incident. The then almost everywhere reacted retention (Germany only drew late) marked the beginning of a perfidious surveillance complex, which was gradually completed.

With a new "intellectual property right" you finally made ​​it, with the active participation of the corporate media, the last critical voices, especially those of the political bloggers, to silence the help of willing Abmahnkanzleien.

Then set up its own executive began to prevail in any of the EU headquarters if need be by force can. First, there were police units, including its own army - consisting of mercenaries, the judge readily the weapon at anything that offers resistance, as is well known, conscripts would do this ...


If you want to read or like one day in the history books? I do not.

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm positive realist. The harder it is for me to dive into this kind of dystopia. However, as the sources from evidence, much is already no longer a vision but a reality!

There are basically no more time for reflection and disputation.

We stand today on the "Eve of Destruction", on the eve of a historic decision that will probably take a fatal turning point. And very few people know about it. Worse: It seems not even to care. Or is it?

The band "Killing Joke" (the band's name is an accidental coincidence) how many of their old fellow musicians risen perforce from the Crypt - the offspring is missing probably because the creative spark - has the right soundtrack composed with "European Super State" to decline.

Enjoy while you still can (freely adapted from Alan Greenspan):

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8 Comments on "European superstate, here we come! A dystopia. "

  • Frank W. says:

    And who asked the populations, whether they also want that?

  • Lars says:

    What forces are at work here?

  • Wanderer says:

    @ Frank W.

    As always, no. Want the populations are most sought? What question would it be and would the populations understand the issues and know the background?

    Not at all! You sleep soundly.

    @ Lars

    These are precisely the "powers" who invented the word conspiracy theorist and representing with this "flaw" affected persons in a bad context.

    It takes no crystal ball to see into the future. Who is the thief handing over the keys to the vault stupid and corrupt. Now I realize why the Chancellor has made a vow while every citizen on oath must insure.

  • Demonkratie2012 says:

    I hope to God that the Federal Constitutional Court says this far and no further, it would be a brief respite.
    Telling everyone about the background of the ESM. My friends, we are not alone, there are always more people to watch.

    It is always easy to push people into a corner "Verschörer". The centralized Europe is part of the plan for the New World Order. The main-stream media as the second saluted power are responsible for the most people are in this world of illusion -der so-called matrix.

  • Luzi says:

    I also hope that the Constitutional Court will stop the madness - but do not leave me here on God. Who you want me to tell you something, people are so busy to cover your living expenses, that there is hardly time to catch up on the "Rest" to worry about. Here's a proposal, since a special offer, there the treasure application since the SportAGBeitragsrechnung, rent, electricity, bank time, meeting with parents, request for textbooks, etc, etc, etc !! Krass! The H4er are to be educated to have no opinion and to keep his mouth shut as long as month-end flows the power! This is all planned making! And the few - as we are to be yes then also of their fellow für's in their eyes "senseless" commitment ridiculed. Sorry! We can prepare our children just fine on it and see what we come to the parties and the "OLD" replace to change something! New parties are not the solution!

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