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Today overtook me the sad news that no longer bored by me estimated Bärbel Mohr among us. She passed away on 29 October 2010 still and far too early, at the age of 46 years.

I have personally known Bärbel, not very good, unfortunately, but our paths crossed again and again: When she editor of the magazine "solar wind" was, which appeared between 1995 and 2000, or even at various events. She had as a journalist always a good nose, discovered "awakening subjects" at an early stage. In particular, however, she was interested in good news, because come so Bärbel, in our, dominated by negative headlines media landscape just too short.

1999 must have been when she gave a speech in Stuttgart on my invitation. At that time was just her future bestseller "orders the universe" appeared. It was her first appearance before a wider public in general. No one knew at that time that it should be the popularity shy Bärbel which said unto us bring, once ...

Nearly 30 books plus several CDs and DVDs she has published thereafter. Welch immense productivity. Their titles have been translated into 20 languages ​​and sold worldwide around two million times. Linchpin remained the "cosmic ordering service".

With her thoughts she inspired many people to be more aware of their wishing, although some understood only station. I remember well an anecdote from the early days: Bärbel told me, that she was asked by an elderly lady, where is the telephone number of the shipping house is to be found "universe". Nett.

Nevertheless, the triumph was unstoppable, "orders the universe" became a household word, a metaphor for how it might be possible to be richly rewarded without action on their part. And triggered a wave of true journalistic imitation whose scribblers all mitkassierten vigorously without actually tell the reader something new. Worse still, the Embassy has been further simplified, more and more away from the empathic overall view towards Mox I-centered orders. A mirror of our modern consumer world?

baerbel_mohr_web_gross Bärbel Mohr was suffering from a cancer that she had not actually allowed to get. According scoffers certainly not your. I hear their words clearly in my ear: "Well, Bärbel haste, probably ordered the wrong?" She had "bricked a prison" with their wishes and health counselors, as my publisher colleague Martin Frischknecht writes from which they no longer escaped? Why Bärbel had despite her extensive health knowledge can not help themselves? Are the universal fortunes not so easy durchschau- and tractable as we would like?

"Everything is possible," it said in spring 2010 at a prestigious customer magazine publishing group on the books Bärbel Mohr (see fig.). The words sound almost cynical at this point. The universe had here probably very own plans.

Bärbel, I think of thee heartily. May you rest in peace.

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42 Comments on "Bärbel Mohr died - cynicism of fate?"

  • Urmel says:

    In the case of Bärbel Mohr carcinogenic total defeat her so passionately desires propagated bullshit has once again failed miserably.
    The multiverse is far more complex than it ever will be able to detect the almost bordering on stupidity human naivety. As Einstein said, "The universe, however, is finite, infinite human stupidity!"
    Wishes only works in harmony with the divine order, the better with our shields leads far as we limited ego's could ever imagine. One must engage only on the divine game.
    Only by synchronizing with the divine will of man can achieve what God in his boundless mercy really want so much for him.
    We live currently, unfortunately, in an age of spiritual materialism, where the solipsistic and ego-centered individual revels in boundless spiritual consumption, which recalls almost to a drug high. A consumer who is unfortunately never reach the spiritual depth of a Buddha or Christ but leaves only the vacuum of Schaalheit and futility.
    God let the brain and heart rain, so that the dumb man gets a realistic chance of a true awakening!

  • omnia says:

    Something to write arrogant shows very far from here to who Christ is and Buddha. All human beings are here on earth to learn something, and nobody has the right to talk like that. Keep it only once on your own nose for no Buddha and Jesus had not ever used so condescending and undignified words as you. I think for someone like you, we should all pray for more light and respect towards other people and less cynicism and bitterness. God bless you

  • elaspirit says:

    Hello Urmel,
    have a valuable tip for you - GFK "Nonviolent Communication" - maybe it's your job and my earthly Spirit who must convey this to you ...


  • Peter says:

    Have only now - March 2011 - out of the end of the earthly task of Bärbel. For me, their work is not in contradiction to the early end. The aim of our people can not be so, to create a paradise on earth for us that we never left. I think they had created their paradise here and now the other reached! Happy Bärbel over - and determined herüben back soon!

  • Marie says:

    For the attitude of the first post there is only one appropriate term: Spiritual pride - and is known to have nothing whatsoever to do with a truly spiritual attitude which is based on unconditional acceptance and love, but with a burst aufgebläten Ego! Still further, one from the "divine order" hardly remove - on the other hand, a condition that can lead to death very well be part of this plan. When Barbel Mohr's task was fulfilled here, then she could safely go in peace - if the task asked her this disease is still not resolved, then there is in the divine order always another opportunity and infinite amount of support. I wish the author of the first contribution to his recovery from heart!

  • Gabi says:

    Bärbel Mohr made it with their wonderful and serene nature cheerfulness and confidence in their own individual way of life to bring each individual. She encouraged to self-determination. Yet like many people read her books and how I delight, delicious on its meaning and humor. She may be gone, but it remains in our hearts forever. Whether there is a paradise, we know only when it is so far, because returned is none yet.

  • Albe Chamuel says:

    hui because have already written enough for the first commentator, I agree with all this. Have only now heard about the transition Bärbel Mohr's.

    Death is for me is not an end but a transition to another existence phase. It is not my task the work and works, or even to assess the physical death and therefore only remains for me to say thank you for your work which Bärbel behind read us has:

    AN'ANASHA (Thanks) Bärbel Mohr.

    clear Greetings
    Albe Chamuel

  • Angelika says:

    For whatever reason ... .I have learned today from the fact that Bärbel Mohr has set out a new journey.
    You know, Urmel ...... I'm sure Bärbel would tell you
    * Peace be with you * I am sending you lots of love *

    It was not necessary that you ausstellst yourself an indictment ... .Urmel ....!
    People like Bärbel Mohr are needed not only here on our planet.
    I'm sure ... .The universe has new tasks for this wonderful angel.

    I'll always be grateful Bärbel Mohr, that she has pulled me with your books, at the right time and the right place for me from a hopeless crisis.

    Thank Bärbel ... no matter what level ... we remain connected with each other


  • Aicher Betina says:

    Betina A. says:

    16/05/2011 at 20:44

    After I get this year the book "orders from the heart" to my 46.Geburtstag on April 6 of a loved one and have been looking forward eerie, but somehow what I felt, that's different than usual in their books, would like I report here. First deepest gratitude, written for all the words and wisdom. I know her since I was 25 years old and work with it, even if some is still unclear. But perhaps should or must also divine in this game to be so. As I said, this unexplainable feeling about what reminded me to read, I could only classify as I told my girlfriend about the death of M. Bärbel. I was shocked and disillusioned, but I take it as another message from Bärbel, although I do not know yet what she wants to tell us with her death with it.
    Anyway, I now thank you, because I know that it is a gift to us survivors.

    I would like a quote from Byron Katie Quote: "Nothing has ever been born out of a dream. Nothing will ever DIE OUT OF A DREAM!

    From deep in the heart bow I greet with Namaste.

  • Shana says:

    @ Urmel, - how can you presume to speak of a "total defeat", just because you positive thinking closes apparently entirely. Furthermore, probably the most up includes with, when you talk about small-minded egoists who have neither mind nor heart and even less decorum.

    I would strongly advise you to try the universal order service by Bärbel Mohr, You need to order more properties listed above. I'm sure you get certainly delivered fast delivery.

    I recently bought the book and read when I felt my inner "node" solved. This book made me aware of how negatively I actually life confront a whole and my life was marked accordingly. I can only agree with my Vorschreiberin, also came to me while reading an inexplicable feeling, the inner tension broke up, the fear disappeared and I have the inexplicable feeling that for me everything will turn out well and will fulfill my heart's desire.

    Now I wanted to thank you in writing and must read shocked that she has passed away .......

    A Thanks to Bärbel Mohr for their great achievement, to show people the right way forward in a humorous and very understandable way.


  • Erich Schloffer says:

    The early death of Bärbel Mohr makes sad and raises an important question: Why could not defeat their cancer through a request to the universe?
    When the master of magic with the thought forces not able to succeed (and I'm assuming that it has brought its technology is used), the students are understandably confused. Where the hook is located on the positive thinking?
    I am working already for 35 years with this topic. To my adolescence came the doctrine of Dr. J. Murphy and KO Schmidt. "Order to the universe" is seen anything new, but only a little rehash, a simplified form of the literature of the two men mentioned earlier.
    Urmel writes something very interesting: "wishes only works in harmony with the divine order ..."
    Maybe he's right !! ?? !!
    The great Indian sage Ramana Marharshi once said what should not happen will never happen, however much one also endeavors. And what should happen will happen determines how hard you strained to prevent it. That is certain. To be wise, therefore, means to remain silent.

  • Seraphin says:

    As sad as me Bärbels death also makes,
    I think she has her task on earth as early as
    such a young age and may therefore done
    go to the next level.

    I thank you for all your words.


  • Maxi says:

    Man can not believe it; you do not want to believe it, but you have to believe it. Death makes also before the best and dearest people not Halt.Egal who it is. Every soul chooses how they want to go. The by Bärbel Mohr. Man will never understand "why", he probably should also do nicht.Viele secrets reserves the universe, divinity, for sich.In school you get the exam questions not previously mitgeteilt.Es learning would be unnecessary. On your CD on self-love tells Bärbel Mohr from their burn out and that they say "no" difficult konnte.Vielleicht here lies the origin of her illness. I have a favorite saying, from the me but the author is unknown.
    "Not all are happy, the laughing you seem, I have often laughed to keep from crying."

    God bless Bärbel Mohr`s soul and her family!

  • Lysithea says:

    As beautiful as any rate ......... ..

  • Follmer says:

    Nicht alle sind glücklich, die lachend dir scheinen, ich habe schon oft gelacht, um nicht zu weinen.

    Maxi, du sagst mit diesem Satz alles was zu sagen ist. Jeder Beitrag hier, beinhaltet seine eigene Wahrheit. Glauben ist für jeden anders.

    Bärbel Mohr konnte vielen Menschen helfen und trotzdem wurde sie aus dem Leben gerissen. Das ist bitter, den sie durfte nicht mehr für ihre Kinder und Familie da sein.

    Gott schenke ihr Frieden und den Kinder die Kraft, diesen Schmerz zu überstehen.

    Das ist ein echter Wunsch, aber keine Bestellung.


  • Irmi sagt:

    Vielen Dank Liebe Bärbel für Deine Bücher. Du hast uns einen wunderbaren schatz hinterlassen und wirst Deinen Fans ewig im Herzen bleiben. Immer wenn es mir schlecht ging schnappte ich mir eins Deiner Bücher und wurde wieder possitiv inspiriert. Deinen Kindern und Deinen Mann wünsche ich ganz viel Kraft, damit sie ohne dich weiterleben können. Wer weiß was uns in den nächsten Jahren bevor steht…. vielleicht sollst Du uns als himmlischer Beleiter zur Verfügung stehen. Alles Liebe Irmi

  • Beatrix says:

    Bärbel Mohr has also helped me with their simple written books in very difficult times. My thirteen year old son is very soon died after Bärbel and I am convinced that both now wonderful butterflies (like the Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross writes) are. I wish Bärbels man and particularly their children all the best, a lot of strength ... I think that we can be exacerbated by severe fate, but we can also be grown. And that the two children grow up in it and be great people out of them, I wish them heartily.
    Much love Beatrix

  • Shanti says:

    Bärbel Mohr was specialist materializing wishes. It always applies only "Anything is possible" when a request from the mind, through the subconscious down in synchronism like the soul. Only when the soul has no other plan, our wishes are fulfilled. Whatever we have Bärbel perhaps concealed that were possibly even with her even before that not all orders fulfilled. The plan of the soul will always be met. When a request against the will of the soul is to be materialized, then no power in the world do it. Bärbels soul wanted to go on the very day, otherwise they would not have gone. Everything is perfect. The desire of the soul is always fulfilled. She's fine, we do not complain. I read a book that goes deeper than the books by Bärbel. I would recommend it to you. It's called "You do not want a success - you want to be happy. The way to happiness Breakthrough ".
    It always happens right - we just do not always.

  • tonysakar says:

    I've just learned here to your website that Bärbel Mohr pages has changed. on their CDs and books, I came by chance. Her book "orders the universe" have brought me good luck. Quite simple, I habs just tried and our wishes have been fulfilled. (apartment, financing, etc).
    I have read thousands of books, was the world for years in search of the most beautiful places in the world, etc, then arrived with me, gave me this note, "themselves things to be desired from the universe", the liberation.
    The first comment is completely unwusst, sorry for such a deluded mind.
    many large and small light workers also have a disease slander, betrayal etc tolerated. their life's work and orientations Bodhisattva many people have but a lasting positive influence in their attitude and development.

    Bärbel Mohr thanks for your contribution to live in this sense, in my cordial.
    Leave wish to trust yourself, be brave, etc is important and beautiful. Of course I've always done whatever mine to was very diligent and persevering in my profession.

  • Gliece says:

    Moment people. For a moment, okay? So I think it's not good and beautiful when people laugh more than sad are when someone dies. This woman, whether you like them or not, is now dead. So and that's not nice. Regardless of who she was. It does not matter who she was. The moment counts. It's always the one that NOW namely about the past and the future addition. Bärbel Mohr was perhaps very humble and did not want the whole cake, but refused grateful the whole cake from, heard out of respect for the universe and everything necessary. And now she's dead. But I'm sure it goes well. Death is not the end, but a state of astral works independently of matter. She is now free of the space-time continuum and free of all needs to have to want something and so she has outdone himself. You must remember that every human being programmed a goal for his life and if this goal is achieved, then life is over. Bärbel Mohr deserve a thank you to all of you, but I see many only ingratitude and polemical cynicism of a demotion balances. You know what that means. Shame on you should you for your behavior.

  • Vobro says:

    It is deeply shocking how deep superstition is rooted in its most stupid form still does not seem in a few human brains. Why Mrs. Mohr has not a portion of health ordered from the universe? Was the postage too expensive? - Since there is nothing in the entire universe outside the Earth, that even remotely capable of would be to understand our language, and since there is no whatsoever spiritual world, the entire Haunting turns to the so-called orders at universe as a pure esoteric humbug, nothing more. What we the universe actually done that in such a stupid way, it has to serve as a projection space of our human needs over and over again? - Mind can not incur without matter and also do not exist - point.

  • Lilly says:

    Hello everyone…

    since I live abroad, I learned at this very moment looking for something over the Internet postivem Baerbel Mohr's death.
    I'm just saying, I was totally shocked ... and must honestly admit that I was thinking right ... Whoa she could not life simply order ... for a few moments I let myself totally infected by negative comments as the first, ... for all my postives thinking ... what I for years off work so that it somewhat with my life work as I like haette..alles for naught ... Now we must all have the continuously ordered the universe settle the score ....

    And then came luckily the positive Kommentare..Jeder has its own thinking and believing ... na und..dann I will also die someday ... but fortunately I've lived a contented life !!

    For Baerbel

    A child that lost his mother asked his grandfather: Why always go the best of us?
    Then answered the grandfather: if you're going into the garden to pick flowers, then you look for whatever the most beautiful flower made and not bad.

    And gillt for our Baerbel ... She was a rare creature of God ... which he claimed to have determined his side after they had fulfilled their tasks on earth!

  • Kurt says:

    Hallo Bärbel

    Wenn auch sehr verspätet, aber von ganzem Herzen wünsche ich DIR für deinen weiteren Weg alles Gute. Vielleicht ist ja alles ganz anders wie viele hier denken …… ……..? Ja, nicht zu vergessen die andere Seite denen Du sehr kräftig auf die Füsse getreten bist, das muss man zu erst mal aushalten die Retourkutschen die da kommen. Spreche da aus eigener Erfahrung, da ich aber bei weitem nicht so in der Öffentlichkeit stehe wie das bei Dir war, kann ich das bis jetzt noch aushalten.

    Hallo Vobro, dein letzter Satz war ja echt genial!

    “”" Geist kann ohne Materie nicht entstehen und auch nicht existieren – Punkt. “”"

    Entweder bist Du momentan noch nicht in der Lage dies zu verstehen, oder ein Manipulator, oder ein materiell verhafteter Intellektueller….oder ?

    Bevor Materie entsteht oder verändert wird, erfolgt immer eine geistige Tätigkeit.

    Ich wünsche DIR baldige Genesung, die auch kommen wird!

  • Andi says:

    War ja klar, dass jetzt die Klugscheiser langsam aus ihren verstaubten Ecken kriechen, mit dem Zeigefinger zeigen und sagen “wir haben`s ja immer gesagt, alles esotherischer Humbug”. Es ist wie es ist, die Bücher von Bärbel Mohr haben uns jedenfall auf den richtigen Weg gebracht unser Leben in Harmonie und Wohlbefinden zu leben. Es ist nicht wichtig, wie lange man lebt, sonder wie man sein Leben lebt (auch wieder so ein Klugscheiser-Satz, ich weiß). Traurig ist es immer, wenn ein so junger Mensch stirbt und auch noch kleine Kinder und einen traurigen Mann hinterlässt. Aber, man kann auf jeden Fall sagen, das ein guter Mensch wieder von uns gegangen ist. Und manchmal glaube ich, Gott holt die Guten zuerst zu sich, mit den bösen und gehässigen kann er halt nichts wirkliches anfangen. Also, weiterhin euch Lästermäulern viel Spaß beim Klugscheisen, vielleicht lebt ihr tatsächlich länger als Bärbel, aber wie lebt ihr? Ich empfehle euch auf jeden Fall eins von Bärbels Büchern, vielleicht gleich das mit der Selbstliebe… damit ihr was lernt.

  • Thomas Pfitzer says:

    Hello there,
    Orders work because we program our brains, say subconscious, through visualization of the target profit to exactly this goal. We focus on one particular thing and see this as only things that keep us on the path to the goal. In negative sense, of course, also works well. Negative beliefs are reinforced because our behavior unconsciously wants to prove the beliefs. This is called self-fulfilling-prophecy and is old hat, which is used in magical systems as well as in modern psychology. The problem with these games with the "positive focus" is that apparently no one has come up with the idea that everything has its price. I ask at one point much, I'll have to give up to them elsewhere, something. The sum of all the energy remains the same. I can not always just calling. Kluge and meaningful goals must be developed properly and the consequences are analyzed. I need to be clear what it is for episodes have for family, environment, nature, friends, etc. - and if I'm ready to Price (loneliness, a lot of work, others envy, etc.) to pay. Many people achieve great goals and are still totunglücklich. Why is there probably consume the drugs, pills and alcohol many stars? They have implemented their major wishes without being aware of the price conscious. A good goal is something I must first reconcile with my inner "values". Values ​​such as: health, family, loyalty, honesty, etc. Monetary objectives fall since by very quickly because "inner values" have nothing to do with money and values ​​in our subconscious exert more and more power as a goal. So Fits a destination not to my inner values, I'll either reach it not because my subconscious blocks, or do I get it and I am unhappy because the price was too high. That alone is the reason why "orders" are not really useful. They simply thought too little. I tried it and was always glad when the "Ordered" had disappeared again quickly. It has never really fit, because I realized that elsewhere someone had lost something, for what I had won. The sum of all energies is the same! Think about exactly before her some "wishes or orders".

  • Monika Schembera says:

    Work orders at the universe, I definitely worked well for a long time with it. But one must be aware of our heart must be also there and trust. It is also so that if we are not ready yet that our learning process. Den when I want and afterwards again not doubt as to help us because the universe. In addition, the death of Bärbel does not show us that it is not working. A death is not the end, that is to akzeptiern only weiterr step. Some people may decide for themselves when and how they should go. For those who are negative towards esotericism, it may each have an opinion but please let us also as we live we want. But it has everything a purpose in life, and when we come to earth we already determined how and when we go, and that's the only where we are all made equal. And lives as if it were your last every day!
    I wish you all a life of unconditional love, because unfortunately we lack often!
    In love Monika

  • Jutta says:

    It is always sad and difficult when a person goes. And even sadder is when he goes in disbelief and in the heresy is.
    Bärbel Mohr - I've read some of her books, and then I was queasy - wanted to be like God.
    We all want the - well, I wanted to why I read such books ... but if these books or these teachings, which are spread there, would really help -. Then there should be no books about it longer exist ... there are more than ever about it.
    And if you take make a start, then you have to read more and more and more .. because everything is always more complicated rather than simpler ...

    You have all probably heard talk from the Bible. And of the one true living God.
    And from Jesus Christ.
    Jesus really helps. Maybe not spectacular. It is not rich in the material sense. You do not get the great parking, can not afford three vacations every year and do not get the dream man / the dream woman.
    Urmel has - although to wish the wording leaves something - not wrong to call up the Note Buddha with Jesus in one breath.

    Repentance and conversion. Christ from the rebirth of the spirit of God.
    That's the only thing that really helps and gives them life. I know that from personal experience.
    Those who are interested can read on achtung-lichtarbeit.de many reports of people who have realized that man is not God, and never will be.
    The first step: to recognize that there is a God. Not: one God.
    But God, our Creator.

    Mrs. Mohr scored cancer and died. Like so many before her. That had nothing to do with their work. It was not a failure, and no penalty,
    I hope and wish that they could make peace in the end with God. She died with peace in our hearts.

    To be able to love unconditionally - we have to apply ourselves to Jesus and follow him. We humans are so, simply not capable of out of us.
    We prove it every day.

    I wish everyone a pause, a breath and the willingness and courage to accept the idea that there is a God and He has sent us His Son, who died for us, to make us new - out of His infinite love and mercy ,
    So that we can finally love and live together in peace.
    PS: I spoke here not by the institution of the church ... but of genuine Christian faith.

  • Water Flea says:

    ... ..well, I knew Bärbel Mohr not personally! My contribution therefore is to enjoy in some way with caution. BUT: The early death of the so-called highly spiritual person does not surprise me really. I think it makes a huge difference if you the spiritual path, so its very own individual pathway really goes, and himself delivered increasingly through hard work, or whether we even (his ego) midway sometime mightily goes into the trap and believes because one sells a lot of books and other media in which one tells others how to do it, to go his own way and to be highly spiritually! I maintain that far more than 80% of the fortune tellers, astrologers, shamans and all those in any way as something called because they occupied seminars, hold diplomas in their pockets, successfully selling books or teach themselves, the actual step in the unclear Clarity not go and have gone!
    Since seminars are given and books sold, one has perhaps even powerful success with it and thereby rich and does not realize that it is not meant to just tell the others how to do it! For as long as the scholarly teaching remains only an empty teaching in reality. Recognized by the least! Someone who has realized himself, realized in his very special, spiritual, psychological, mystical sense, that a genuinely free and simultaneously selectively bound man who teaches as a model !! Each of him / her, however, emulate one to one and does not go its own way, will fail! But perhaps I am wrong, too, and "God's will" is that we are all any consultant, puts any cards or any created a Radix and we all treat each other is. For me, being spiritual that one is always conscious about a certain way and, although aware of themselves and do not have any theories! (Although the help) conscious about himself, and connects actually again, binds to itself, its own live overarching consciousness recognizes simultaneously sees the outer and inner, personal and larger contexts and especially appreciated ... ..sich itself in all the truly realize indeed be seen literally !!! From there begins the conscious limbo in the universe, the Feel of own floating on the whole and at the same time conscious scooping and indulge. The full confidence. Confidence in yourself as a whole as well as the reliance on the whole in relation to itself!

  • Kersti says:

    Somehow I have the impression that if someone writes some humorous, nice-to-read and interesting books, then the punishment of him demanded that he should be kindly infallible, holy and immortal and immune to any mental or physical injury. I find this discussion therefore repulsive in many parts.

  • Sebastian says:

    I am firmly convinced that the principle "The thought creates reality" works always, and also think that Bärbel Mohr that with their works (I have only read the classics "orders the universe" years ago and found it good!) Well has mediated. Only one thing I find absolutely dangerous and highly questionable, so I can say repugnant and immoral, to esoteric works, as they are flooding the book market in heaps: the people will never be made sufficiently clear that all of these mechanisms are woefully inadequate for serious faults (I speak here von Ängsten, Depressionen, Schlafstörungen etc., wie sie leider Gottes in unserer Gesellschaft allgegenwärtig sind) und es erstmal eine gewisse Basis an psychischer Gesundheit braucht, ein Fundament, auf dem man bauen kann, bevor diese Wünscherei Sinn ergibt. Sie ersetzen keinen Psychotherapeuten. Anstatt sich professionelle Hilfe zu suchen, fallen unzählige Menschen darauf rein (und genau davon leben die Esoterik-Gurus ja auch) und glauben, durch Erfüllung ihrer Wünsche (die nichts mit dem wahren Problem an sich zu tun haben) wäre alles wieder gut, sie schöpfen dadurch Hoffnung. Sei das nun durch viel Geld, ein neuer Partner, eine Weltreise, ein Grundstück…

    Es ist etwa als würde man sich bei einem Auto mit kaputtem Motor neue Felgen und neue Klimaanlage kaufen. Man kann es machen, es das Wünschen wird auch hie und da im “gebrochenen Zustand” funktionieren, nur kann man dann mit der Lieferung kaum was anfangen, wenn doch die Basis nicht stimmt und man mit sich selbst nicht im Reinen ist.

    Wer unter Burn-Out (meiner Meinung nach, und auch der vieler
    Fachärzte, einfach nur ein verharmlosendes Wort für Depression), wie ja auch Bärbel vor ihrem Tod, leidet, sollte ruhen, zu sich kommen, sich eingehend mit sich selbst beschäftigen, professionelle Hilfe suchen, anstatt das wieder und wieder zu kompensieren. Ich bin überzeugt, dass sie noch Leben würde, wenn sie offener damit umgegangen und sich nicht so zurückgezogen hätte. Sie hat sich offenbar geschämt und wollte als unfehlbar gelten, hatte vielleicht Angst, angesichts ihrer bisherigen Werke mit den Widersprüchen konfrontiert zu werden — durchaus nachvollziehbar.

    Ich werfe Bärbel nichts vor, sie hat wunderbare Werke geschaffen. Dennoch sollte gerade dieser Todesfall zu denken geben und einem klar machen, dass die Esoterik stets mit Vorsicht zu genießen ist und gerade oft die Menschen, die einem eine heile Welt anpreisen und alle negativen Gefühle einfach beseite schieben, in Wirklichkeit zutiefst leiden und an schweren Problemen leiden.

    Möge sie in Frieden ruhen.

  • Henry Nold says:

    B.Mohr hat erst mal einige Jahrzehnte Urlaub, in einer Zeit der möglichen Kataklysmen und Weltkriege, die sie wohl “überspringen” wird bis zur Reinkarnation. Dies ist ein Segen, und kein Zynismus des Schicksals. Gott (“das Universum”) ist vollständige Liebe, im (karmisch) Unangenehmen (“das Gute”) wie im Unangenehmen. Näheres beim dänischen Eingeweihten Martinus (1890-1981) und bei Vorträgen von Ole Therkelsen (siehe Internet).

  • Kein Mitleid sagt:

    Ich habe für diese Frau kein Mitleid. Wer sich selbst nicht im Leben zurechtfindet, sollte nicht zusätzlich durch Literatur-Müll das Leben anderer Menschen zerstören. Wer als menschliche Aussenseiterin versucht mit unverantwortlichen Verhaltensratschlägen und Lebensweisheiten psychisch labile Menschen zu beinflussen, verdient einfach keinerlei Mitleid oder Achtung.
    Im Universum hat diese Frau nichts zu suchen, Ihr Platz dürfte weit unterhalb der Erdoberfläche eingerichtet worden sein.

  • martina germann sagt:

    Der Tod von Bärbel Mohr trifft mich sehr.
    Mein Beileid gilt besonders ihren Zwillingen, die ihre wunderbare Mutter viel zu kurz erleben durften.
    Ihr Büchlein Wünsche beim Universum ist für mich ein schöner, harmloser Begleiter der mich immer wieder erheitert, aufrichtet und erfreut. Die Einfachheit fasziniert mich daran und die guten Gedanken die von ihr ausgehen und die sie mit allen Menschen teilen möchte.
    Bärbel wo immer du bist , halte ein Auge auf uns.

  • Loki Actor sagt:

    Bärbel Mohr ist tot habe ich gerade erfahren.

    Ich habe mir viele der hier stehenden kommentsre durchgelesen und kann vieles verstehen. Zyniker genauso wie jene die sich anscheinend immer selbst zwingen, alles positiv sehen zu wollen. Aber das darf in seinem leben jeder so halten wie es ihm beliebt.

    Wo immer Bärebel jetzt auch ist, ich wünsche ihr von herzen das beste, wenn ich ihrer literatur auch eher kritisch gegeüber stehe.

    Ich bin auch der meinung das wünsche ans universum oder sonst wohin funktionieren können.
    KÖNNEN aber eben nicht müssen. Da liegt der hase im pfeffer!
    Denn ob ihr es glaubt oder auch nicht, es ändert genau nichts an der tatsache, dass wir den prägungen unserer kindheit und unseres angeborenen internalen representationssysthems unteratan sind.
    Es gibt menschen bei denen auf grund dessen das wünschen schenller/besser funtionioert und es gibt auch menschen die sich genauso an die technik halten wie sie in den diversesten büchern steht, aber kein erwünschtes ergebnis bekommen. Das hat nichts mit irgendeiner spirituellen reife zu tun. Denn wenn es so ist, das der mensch tatsächlich wiedergeboren wird, dann wird es wohl kein zufall sein in welche verhältnisse er hineinreinkarniert. Wenn es aber kein zufall ist, dann steht auch ein plan dahinter, wenn ein plan dahinter steht, dann braucht es keine wünsche an das universum, sie wären auch nicht wirksam, weil es eben einen betsimmten plan/schiksal gibt. Wenn es aber ein schiksal gibt, dann ist der stets propagierte freie wille des menschen nicht so frei wie er gerne glauben möchte.
    Was ich sagen möchte ist: wünschen klappt wenn es für jemanden vorgesehen ist – das es bei ihm klappen soll und ich bin überzeugt das wissen bärbel mohr, joseph murphy, rene egli, erhard freitag, kurt tepperwein, neale donald walsch uvm ….
    Und deswegen verkaufen sie auch ihre bücher, weil sie wissen, dass es NICHT bei jedem klappen kann. Sonst würden sie nämlich getrost darauf vertauen können(so wie jesus das angeblich tat), dass sie auch wenn sie ihre bücher gegen freiwillige spenden hergeben, genug geld haben würden, weil sie ja alle in den büchern immer behaupten – und darauf nagle ich sie fest – man kann alles im leben erreichen und man setzt sich nur selbst begrenzugen. Also nun sehen wir wo sich diese menschen ihre begrenzungen offenbar selbst setzen und woran sie wirklich glauben. Die technik kann wohl funktionieren, aber jeder versucht, wenn er über das thema bücher schreibt, damit ausschliesslich zu geld zu lukrieren.
    Bei keinem der bücher steht dabei das es blockaden im unterbewusstsein geben kann die solcherlei wunscherfüllung schlicht egalisieren. So das dumme ist, allein mit hypnose oder meditation etc. geht es auch nicht, weil das unterbewusstsein autonom ist, so autonom wie das stetige ein und ausatmen.
    Und das kreide ich den menschen an die in ihren büchern immer alles so darstellen, als ob das erwünschen/erbeten/erdankbarsein etc. das allheilmittel für alles und jeden sind.
    Mehr veratwortungsbewusstsein mit der thematik mehr ehrlichkeit und transparenz, dann wird es auch keinen grund für so zynische kommentare wie meinen(man könnte ihn dafür halen, ist er aber nicht) und den einiger anderer hier geben.
    Ich wünsche euch allen in liebe, alle erfüllungen die ihr braucht,

  • Dörg Pech sagt:


    Eine gute Erklärung dafür.

  • Pacco Sascha sagt:

    Liebe Leser und Schreiber dieses Forums,

    Ich verstehe einige Leute hier nicht, speziell Theofil. Wenn du doch so gläubig bist wie du schreibst, warum hast du dich nicht gefragt was das heißen kann “Bestellung beim Universum”? Wenn du die Bibel kennst müsstest du wissen, dass so was nicht drinnen steht. Also war die kleine Hoffnung da, dass es doch funktioniert?
    Und dann hast du dich einlullen lassen von den Skeptikern, herzlichen Glückwunsch.
    Was hat sie denn gemacht? Ich denke nicht, dass sie irgendetwas böses vorhatte. Sie hat ein paar amüsante Bücher geschrieben und wenn sich Leute dabei wohlfühlen während sie diese Bücher lesen, dann hat sie doch allemal bewiesen, dass sie doch etwas bewirkt hat.
    Warum sie starb? Das weiß keiner. Vielleicht war ihre Zeit gekommen und sie musste gehen. So what?
    Was viel schlimmer ist, dass es Menschen gibt die Kinder vergewaltigen, Morde begehen um des Geldes willen usw… und nicht sterben, stattdessen sitzen sie im Gefängnis auf unsere Kosten und sehen sich dann noch als Opfer, wieso leben die noch? Na ich denke mal, dass sie rein gar nichts gemacht haben um sich den Himmel zu verdienen, also sind sie verdammt dazu bis zum hohen Alter all die schrecklichen Dinge zu sehen die es noch zu sehen gibt.
    Die Menschen haben sowieso keine Freude mehr am Leben und stecken auch noch andere damit an, und das ist besser?
    Allein die Kraftausdrücke die von manchen Usern kommen sagt mir schon, dass das sowieso von Haus aus Nörgler sind und höchst unzufrieden sind, wie können wir uns da erlauben und etwas Glück in unser Leben zulassen.
    “leben und leben lassen” heißt der Spruch, nicht “nicht leben und nicht leben lassen”.


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