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Today overtook me the sad news that no longer bored by me estimated Bärbel Mohr among us. She passed away on 29 October 2010 still and far too early, at the age of 46 years.

I have personally known Bärbel, not very good, unfortunately, but our paths crossed again and again: When she editor of the magazine "solar wind" was, which appeared between 1995 and 2000, or even at various events. She had as a journalist always a good nose, discovered "awakening subjects" at an early stage. In particular, however, she was interested in good news, because come so Bärbel, in our, dominated by negative headlines media landscape just too short.

1999 must have been when she gave a speech in Stuttgart on my invitation. At that time was just her future bestseller "orders the universe" appeared. It was her first appearance before a wider public in general. No one knew at that time that it should be the popularity shy Bärbel which said unto us bring, once ... more of this entry »

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