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BP has therefore fined imagery on your website. Several times. This was recently by a US blogger (later followed by others) uncovered - and promptly of mass media and news agencies picked up in this country. Long these quite different calibers were silent on disinformation on the part of the oil giant and the Obama administration. Zeitgeist blogger Magnus Göller documented the events of recent months committed and profound.

Since now "stuffed" the hole in the seabed seems (and I stress appears because there is even evidence that the action is again failed or new leaks detected were now probably also auströmt gas, so the whole situation to be much worse might as previously thought, especially after the amateurish "rescue attempts" of BP engineers), media interest in the oil fiasco took suddenly again. If the editors of the major publishers and broadcasting centers else not so stingy with positive news!

The FAZ had yesterday especially brave shown. Whether Mrs. Merkel had given by the apparent turn for the better well-ahead for free coverage? Of this entry »

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