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Until shortly before 19 clock yesterday have believed quite a few, the D-Mark would come back to us (or even hoped?) - And found to have food at a radio station, for a short time at least. But then drew the from what realistically (see the previous blog post. "9 reasons against the 'D-Mark-2'") had to be done: no Chancellor on television, no messages or notice boards about a monetary reform, and on Monday safely no new DM notes at bank counters.

No later than yesterday, when Merkel warned against a failure of the euro, it should have been dawn on the very last one that the common currency will be so easy not abandoned.

In my bank, I began to 17Uhr30, shortly before closing time, the mood: When asked whether the women had been heard behind the checkout counter some of the active circulating the web rumor of a currency reform, I initially reaped puzzled looks - according to the motto, I would like for this ludicrous idea to make such an absurd question. Finally, they said in unison: "The good old DM back? We would have liked, but certainly a dream will remain. " No trace of bank employees who were allegedly sentenced to a secrecy. Ever was a total relaxed atmosphere in the financial institution.

On the web, however, the events came in the past two days. So appeared as various photos of the new DM notes on, z. B. here and there, but these were quickly exposed as fakes (version 1 or 2). Many could not resist well to make a joke out of the whole thing. Or was it intentional deceptions? Encouraging in any case, that there are still people who nachrecherchieren independently and do not go every duck on the glue. So it is a aufgeweckten reader also succeeded Aufschlussreiches to motivate the operators of that forum to find out where the whole story began.

I firmly believe that in the Internet era, significant events, as just a currency reform, hardly could conceal to the last detail, especially since it would have to give a lot of insiders, privy and preliminary correspondence in such a case. Something that is credible would transpire, on the right site and not in any dubious Forum.

The fact remains, however, that the DM-2-deception action had various profiteers (and will have): Those speculators who hope to have a high rate of gold (that pierced yesterday, the 1,000-mark), and those who are on a declining Euro -Course set and do everything possible to bring the currency further into disrepute. This includes reports on news agencies such as these. Basically everything smells like a diversion from a much more likely scenario: the dollar crash ...

In the long run it will probably come down to a policy on world currency - with all pros and cons: currency speculation, for example via hedge funds, would once and for all an end; on the other side would probably be even stronger monitoring and glasses awareness of the price for it, even with the floating risk of abuse.

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8 Responses to "Internet hype about a monetary reform away from reality"

  • Help !!! says:

    It is strange when one asserts the people: "It's five to 12!" And calls for iron austerity, we have lived beyond our means, in contrast himself but diets again when increasing kräfig.
    Where is here the credibility!
    Whether Euro or DM - both currencies are all present us in the future nothing good.
    We are more likely to be stopped to send a watchful eye on those who put together the rescue packages, emergency legislation for banks to create Ex ECB.
    What has changed since the DM if the whole circus starts again and not those finally be drawn to Checkout and responsibility, which have caused all this misery.
    Question: Who has made the euro for soft currency!
    The Maastricht criteria softened, we continued to the next step uuu
    A new beginning is inevitable!
    Yes now that the people of pure Zukuftsangst into gold etc. fleeing other currencies show the high-profile chefs ala Ackermann their true colors.
    It has always been so, gold is the poison of the Bank.
    Not the Greeks, the Portuguese or the Spaniards are our enemies but the banks politicians conspiracy.
    If we Germans have said NO when the money has been pushed into the jaws of us.
    We should rather ask: Who actually earned in the past and it is now trying to save us all back on its skins.
    We are well advised us about serious thinking to do, who will benefit from a DM reintroduction. Not we the people !!! sonderne the banks and the state. We will vigorously expropriated so that the same flock of chickens can again press the RESET button.

  • Bernd says:

    How serious is the bashing?

    Are there not many experts who warn of the dangers of the euro?

    If the debt of countries not a danger that may be a currency collapse?

    Are you perhaps the side: unknown?

    Dererlei simplistic products are of high quality Tenhagen, who is alert of WISO to invest money in foreign currencies.

    It seems the article writers feared massive own money losses ...
    A scientific assessment would be to assign a rumor probability of occurrence.

    The fact that a currency reform this WE come, I guess currently not counted by 30 percent but only 5 percent.

  • Tommy Rasmussen says:

    It never turned about money but only for power. Only the people with money think that it would be valuable and limited availability. They do not realize that it can be printed as desired. The high finance always thinks only of maintaining power through debt.

    The high finance invented the rule: money can only come about through debt or resources! The debt of States took over the high finance always even. The resources it has also torn one and all under the nail.

    Whether it has to come to a crash depends purely on the political resistance of the population. Money is always an anonymous guilt! You do not know who has advocated debt times. This anonymization of sovereign loses control and thus power over the money. The power goes into the possession of the private monopoly holder of the currency over the talk PRIVATE (BIS in Basel - FED etc.) high finance, which has control over the currency.
    In the long term wants to break any resistance in the world and also take over the last not yet conquered territory in the world, the Global Governance and its investment bankers. That is, the present-day countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in the in 2001. China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, among other countries (axis of evil, sometimes called rogue states), such as Venezuela, Cuba, Burma and North Korea and many smaller areas into an economic block merged.

    These non-aligned countries are the only ones today who still have some control over their own currency and only because of the raw materials - which all in dollars - are traded or currencies dollar earners - are in a certain dependence.

    The globalization serves the peoples mixing. The aim is the two-class society of the elect on one side and the mixed Gojims this world on the other.


  • Stefan Wehmeier says:

    A "currency reform" in which exchanged only old interest money to new and existing assets / liabilities pairs "by law" would in halves or quarters, the economy could not save, as long as all existing physical capital also not "halves or quarters" would order the raise rate of return. That would be possible only through a war!

    And if you already the superrich assumed a "world domination" - why should they be so stupid, by a "controlled crash" (would be if such a thing is possible) halve followed by "currency reform" their assets or to quarters?

    A free economic monetary and land reform on the other hand brings the economy back on track without something is taken away from the super-rich! They are merely "the gentle death of reindeer die" (Quote: John Maynard Keynes), so they can no longer draw an undeserved profit shortage (financial and tangible capital interest) from their possession:


  • Jacob says:

    Mark, Deutschmark or euro - as long prices rise in all areas of daily life incessantly, it's me care less, the currency in which it is reflected. I hope in a part of my life a financial relief, if not increase wages. Otherwise, it will come in the years to come to a clear shift in the earnings and living standards in society. There is no solution to discharge the financial mess on the backs of the middle class.


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