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Currently "plagued" by a cold, came in the last few days thinking that one or the other might prefer not to follow me. In the particular case simply look away and not be disturbed!

Disease as a luxury. What could be so mean?

Disease that only the rich true? - Certainly not.

That it is today can no longer afford to be sick because of the work is made redundant in the meantime, or other job ruckzuck take the place of more favorable conditions for the employer? - This is getting closer to the thing.

That a disease, of not so few who aspired "good" is? Unconsciously aware - hot, hot!

But it goes deeper, deeper. Not the pathogen is everything, but the milieu, it means happy. Could this also apply to the mental "environment"?

Who gets sick, is ready for it. Or even more provocative: Who is sick, seems underutilized in his life. Does not now mean that I actually would be boring or I would have nothing to do. Quite the contrary! In my office is piled high with documents and sometimes remind me of the Dubai skyline ...

But the logic speaks for itself. To have a disease in their own lives, must have good reasons. Firstly because it is annoying, second time or care-consuming and, thirdly, it discourages other (relevant) things and actions.

So who does something voluntarily in buying? But only those who have a higher benefit draws from it, from the disease. Doctors refer to this as the gain from illness. Diseases, pain and suffering are therefore, in certain situations, desirable. "Ordered the universe."

And in what situations is a disease of value?

For example, if you get through them something, what would an otherwise failed: Talks, care, sick days money ... maybe even affection and love? "Extortion" mind you.

Or when one is overwhelmed and a "sufficiently credible argument" needed to escape the stressful situation (oh, resonates because something in me?): A justification itself and / or to others (such as the spouse or the boss) . The trouble is that it makes you not really escape it, it's best if displaced temporarily. And finally, one is confronted not only with a stressful thing, but even with the disease. What absurdity!

Should these challenging insights, however, prevail everywhere without profound change in values ​​that would be fatal. Why? It's simple: entrepreneurs and health insurance would probably begin immediately, this exploit for their own purposes ...

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2 Responses to "luxury disease"

  • Adelheid Jung says:

    If you know the New Medicine of Dr. Hamer, we know that under the name of the disease is already running the healing phase.

    A teen fleet representation of the relationships can be found at:


  • Donna says:

    not necessarily. Only about 80% of the disturbing symptoms are healing phases. And even then it may be a recurrent process and is then ill be described as "healing phase". For example, actively at work, and dissolved in "healing" at home. Every day again and again. ;)
    So you have to take a closer and differentiate it already.

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