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The specter of AIDS haunts again by the media (even if it has since been surpassed by at least as spooky swine flu), but this time in a rather unusual garb: A member of the pop group "No Angels", Nadja Benaissa, to other infected negligence - with the deadly HIV virus. On April 14, she was arrested. It was said that it would suffer a severe punishment.

Although Benaissa is now free again, it is in many ways a monstrous story. Not only that, it was clearly in violation with the arrest of the principle of proportionality, but also because the singer was all hype for the rest of their lives "branded" as a leper (and that the people can make you sick, is sufficiently occupied). Above all, however, surprised the legal action, because the postulated retrovirus, the microbiologist Dr. Stefan Lanka following have been until today neither isolated nor detected otherwise (Cf. Also the Zeitgeist series (in issue 1/2002 to 1/2003) of the Berlin medical practitioner Marc Rackelmann, also founder of an AIDS self-help group with long-term survivors, their "secret recipe" of non-disease was incidentally, in the case of HIV to have -positive diagnostic done anything).

Stefan Lanka is among those calling for a photographic evidence for the existence of the fear-spreading virus for years. So far have even the highest health authority in Germany, presented the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), this can not deliver, and no corresponding scientific publication as evidence. Pictures that will show the HI-virus supposedly, as only recently back in the FOCUS (on page 38 in issue no. 17/2009), entsprängen either the fertile imagination of a graphic designer or showed any particles that can not be uniquely determined as viruses .

On 24 March this year, Lanka is now, according to information leaked to the editorial team, stood in Berlin for insulting the courts have (Amtsgericht Tiergarten, AZ: (234 Cs) 3012PLs14916 / 07 (133/08)). The documents after the plaintiff was the former president of the Robert Koch Institute, Prof. Reinhard Kurth, who was designated by Lanka as genocide. The rhetorically shrewd Lanka, who defended himself, arguing that it's only then could be an insult if HIV actually exists. Otherwise it is merely a fact designation (He meant well, that then - must have countless healthy people lost their lives through drugs poisoning - - tolerated by the RKI or simply through the diagnosis of "AIDS", which undoubtedly can damage the psyche status sustainably). Lanka should have used the process flow in the other to pin down Kurth, to provide the court with the required virus detection. However, this should have been constantly trying to avoid. A process observer: "Overall, the trial lasted four and a half hours. Prof. Kurth them was present as a witness about two hours. And during all this time Prof. Kurth was always subdued and finally began to tremble. "Lanka have called in the wake swearing Kurth. Cornered, that was no choice but to affirm under oath that HIV exists. Lanka, who is sure that this could never prove Kurth will now provide criminal charges for perjury.

And that could have implications for both the threatened litigation against the No-Angel-Girl - because how can you be charged for something that does not exist? - As well as for science: What would understand then the disease AIDS? What have legions of well-paid hired virologists over all these years? Are we looking at here perhaps the biggest scientific scandal of the century into the house?

Mind that perhaps even AIDS helper, pharmaceutical representatives, researchers, some doctors and graphic would suddenly unemployed, I do not even want to think first.

Two head nuts at least would suddenly cracked: Why no effective AIDS drug could be found to this day, and why our planet - despite the terrible predictions - by AIDS also could not even be nearly depopulated.

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10 Comments on "AIDS in court: Threatens a gigantic scientific scandal?"

  • Vlad S. says:

    In keeping with the theme: Recently, a new AIDS-critical film was released ("House of Numbers").

    On the accompanying website ( http://www.houseofnumbers.com ) states:

    The HIV / AIDS Story is Being Rewritten

    Rewritten in House of Numbers, AIDS movie like no other, the HIV / AIDS story is being. This is the first movie to present the uncensored POVs of Virtually all the major players; in Their Own settings, in Their Own words. It rocks the foundation upon Which all conventional wisdom Regarding HIV / AIDS is based. House of Numbers Could well be the opening volley in a battle to bring sanity and clarity to epidemic gone awry on.

    The film is likely to be a further step that the truths about AIDS get more and more into the public eye. AIDS is one of the greatest medicine scandals ever! When you consider how many people because of the wrong theory of AIDS (HIV causes AIDS) were treated wrong (AZT) and thereby severely sick or died from it, can you can sense the ethical implications of this scandal.

  • Sabine says:

    Actually, I was thinking, how can you just say that HIV does not exist, since so many in Africa die from it, etc.

    But when I saw the following lecture a few days ago, took my breath away:

    To the HIV-AIDS story really seems a lot not to vote. Just incredible!


  • name says:

    what you need please photos?

    what a mischief.
    adoption: a hostage subscriber has ne weapon and runs into a building-you see him not, but you can hear from inside shots.
    there is no photo but he is in there, you could bsp a thermal camera to find out the yes-the outline shows, perhaps with creaking.

    but there is no photo, you can see him not so directly-would you believe it does not exist?

    ever heard of a PCR?
    how is it that the virus was sequenced, if there is not the ?. oh and there, pictures auch.aber because you do not want to believe-can indeed fake.

    oh and that there are other viruses in monkeys and cats the sea the hiv are totally similar, ie almost a unmutated precursor represent-the you doubt also. one has all up.

    and that people with the medis africa live longer than in without-. that's imagination. or strangely random.

    how can you really ignore obvious facts so just now?

    and most importantly-what does it bring you? can you you feel great because you do not believe everything? its not people do not believe the idea of ​​something and have her? can ye feel superior to people who know you have never heard of her.
    probably you could also build pyramids-after all, have you ignorant of HIV without study or education-only critical thinking.

    but this is not critical by their rules out the possibility, closes her your heads.
    led to the possibility. or research itself.

    Even better, you tried to infect times. are indeed people who are on extra-barebacking. if it is not hiv-click the speck auf.ran

    or you let you vaccinate? oh, no, certainly not-if you do not believe in hiv, then ihra uch dürftet not other virus-believe pictures can be fake and antibodies not count for you, yes.

    the hostage contractor fled into nachbarhau-he left blood, blood trails with its DNA but you certainly would not believe that he was there-it was not a photo. and that one can assign a thug the dna that you doubt not?

  • name says:

    oh, nochwas. a video of something that does not exist.

    and-all except ye believe on aids and hiv.

    So either scientist thousands narrow-minded countries, mistaken, or her.
    well, but-yeah, I know, earlier it was thought the earth was the center of the universe ..

    but we are on.


  • dead says:

    Then ... were burned witches. completely normal ... logo, who has red hair and speaks with cats must be burned. Today we laugh about it, but today you need no more witches ... we have hiv and aids. logo who makes an antibody test is positive and who has what deadly contagious ... I hope that the people soon "witch hunts" this also can laugh. god stand at all the issues which most concern and I hope this world wakes up soon and perfect the guilty. god standing woman in benaissi!

  • AP says:

    PCR? The inventor of the PCR itself says that this indirect method is not suitable virus is ever detected. The One should know, he got the Nobel Prize. Typical statements from people who do not like to deal with issues but rather parrot the authorities. Mirror as a reputable source ???
    See the facts and then try to have a say. Lanka is not the only virologist of the claims ...

  • Moon Shadow says:

    What happened to the story?

    Michael Leitner analyzed cogently the failures of AIDS Research and the scientific impotence actually the virus isolate or prove an actual context of HIV and AIDS according to recognized criteria. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMjXKkE9VUo )

    The zeitkritsische documentary "House of Numbers" is technically correct with respect to the opinions of HIV representatives and -Kritikern. And throws it on so some inconsistency. ( http://www.houseofnumbers.com )

    Who has imposed on us bestow the "scientific" indoctrinated line of thinking believe so blind? Are approaches off the PR Compagnen so stigmatized that a fence was built around prohibitions of thinking?

    Why dare media to give only very timidly kritsichen voices speech rights?

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