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The cultivation of GM maize is therefore now banned in Germany. Due to possible risks to animals and plants, leaving CSU Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner announced Tuesday. Activists like Campact or the Information Service Gene Technology , who had mobilized for months across the board, evaluate this as a clear success bourgeois-democratic engagement. Certainly correct.

For me Aigner clear veto was still a surprise ... or not. Finally, elections are soon at the door. And then it comes to the (GMO-free) sausage. Since you refer also like Monsanto lobbyists in the second row. For now at least.

Campaign - what a taboo word, what a disgrace. I have always asked myself why there is making huge and costly effort as a party so close to the polls to win the potential voters for themselves. Where you would have had but for a whole term of time. Four long years, during which it would by wise government business sustainably can demonstrate competence.

But no, dear one shows up briefly spontaneously generous. Whether CDU-SPD-scrapping premiums or tax-saving gifts (300 euro's future is to give to anyone who renounces his tax return, it said today) - suddenly becomes possible, which is not far before that seemed unthinkable. Medium to long-term consequences for the economy, society, environment and budget - from one day to a minor matter.

And we voters lambs access to perk up, get us the rotten eggs from the gift basket. And believe once more the many promises.

Are we seriously so venal? So to have cheap? Or is it just our infinitely bad memory?

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3 Comments to "campaign prostitution"

  • Alex says:

    The memory of many Germans actually seems to be set very short. I refer only to the billions for the banks and now most surprised by the gains in the first quarter. Such choice gifts, such as the scrapping or the SPD proposal I think is most demagogic, but unfortunately most people think only of tomorrow without realizing that the gifts must be recouped in the future through taxation or redistribution. Well in the end it will be enough for the big Partein and after winning the election can then revise everything again. A journey times as voters think seriously, whether as democracy works.

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