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In view of the escalating crisis, and just in time for April 1, surprising was adopted at a special meeting of the German Bundestag majority. For this purpose, my colleague Jens Heisterkamp of Info3 :. "In extending the broad-based economic development programs for the ailing auto and banking industry, the Federal Government has now decided at short notice to support the citizens directly and introduce the Unconditional Basic Income" The application form can at the competent offices now be submitted. Particularly fast can the basic security also directly on the Internet apply.

Not all has this step amazed - some consider him even for long overdue. For the recently filed with the federal petition, which I here had reported in detail would, but already set by the strong interest a clear signal. There are those who claimed that the leaders in Berlin that did not from insight or good will, but had no other choice. Because citizens would no longer have to ask for cash, and then see how the banks that had indeed to blame for the financial plight as key actors, as a "reward" would nachgeworfen still public money. The rebellion of the people, as in other countries, they wanted this country probably prevent: Consider the student riots in Greece, the kidnapping of corporate boards in France and the G20 summit in London, where today, on the eve of the meeting, activists stormed banks ...

You guessed it - it is here "only" a successful April Fool communications guerrillas, more precisely of the Berlin Unconditional Basic Income Citizens' Initiative . After all, a renewed hint after Attacs Adbusting action with "THE TIME" .

But what if ... yes, if still quite many filled out the form and absendeten?

"What is not possible for the individual that a good many."
Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen (1818-1888)


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