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The upswing is here -. At least when it moors at the growth of new parties, while the main parties continue to lose credibility (not only considering its Profillosigkeit, but also because now, the crisis in mind, will again tinkered only at symptoms instead finally the causes to get to the bottom), other show in founder mood. This, the currently emerging "small parties" is common that they ostensibly do not see themselves as opposition, and did not occur as protesters with radical approach, but rather a solution-oriented, the whole picture field.

I would like to present a selection here:

  • Libertas Party of Germany is an offshoot of the Libertas movement, which was initiated by the Irishman Declan Ganley (bearing wide responsibility for Ireland's No to the EU Treaty of Lisbon) and even in other European countries is active. It occurs at a fundamental reform "of the European Union and its institutions with the demand for democracy, transparency, accountability and subsidiarity". Concretely, this means that the 3000-page EU Constitution should be made understandable and presented to all nations for voting. Party chairman in Germany Judge Carlos A. Gebauer, many a perhaps known from the RTL television series "The criminal court". Although the party was in this country lifted from the baptism only on 3 March 2009, they will compete for the European elections already - provided it gets enough votes.
  • Even younger is the party The Good, the day before yesterday was based in Jena. The apparent on the home program at the moment is rather a list of collected ideas about what would have to run in the future of our society differently. Also refer to the text in numerous typos. As the Declaration states: "We are a brand new party. On this website so all is not perfect. We work every day to expand and improve. "If we let surprise us.
  • The Pirate Party is part of a larger, here even worldwide movement (2009: 18 countries), to which both young people in particular. The at first somewhat combative sounding name is deceptive, because the party has just in times of increasing control the honorable concerns a paradigm shift from the "transparent citizen to glassy state." “, etwa mittels verbessertem Datenschutz. Its objectives are therefore the promotion of free knowledge and free culture, all preceded by a reform of copyright and patent law (eg. As in the sense of Creative Commons), and the "protection against the police state", about means of improved data protection. In Germany, the party was established on 10 September 2006 with the. She also intends to stand for the European elections, the main issue in the election year, the self-determination of the German population.
  • The Party of Reason arose due to the great response that a column of zeitgeist-author Oliver Janich in Focus Money triggered (we reported). Despite the concept on behalf of the party has not yet been established as such, but this is chairman Janich According to happen soon. "Courage, truth and freedom" obliged to read on the establishment of any party website over and over again even subtle analyzes important issues of economy and society.

Although already longer existing, but also for a renewal in the holistic sense - and to hunt votes for the 2009 European elections:

  • The Violet, founded on January 6, 2001. The reservoir spiritually oriented.
  • Man Environment Animal Welfare, also known as the Animal Protection Party, founded on 13 February 1993. Most members are - at least according to Wikipedia - vegetarians or vegans.
  • Departure for civil rights, freedom and health, established in May 1998. The Chairman is the doctor, author and dedicated mobile critic Hans Christoph Scheiner.
  • Human economic party that the idea of the free economic Roosters and money reformer Silvio Gesell (1862-1930) builds (in Zeitgeist Bulletin 1-2007 presented in a nutshell). Accordingly, the focus today is on the establishment of a "more humane market economy". Established on September 9 the 1950s.

And the moral ...:. The times that parties were purely based out of defiance, provocation or as a "gag", think for example of the Anarchist Pogo Party of Germany, the fun party or the party of the Titanic employees seem finally over to be. What counts today is the practical benefit - and thus the real added value for the society of tomorrow.

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13 Comments on "Social Change shows face: new parties - an overview"

  • Ike says:


    Another - in my opinion worth mentioning - party, the Newropeans who want to compete also for EU election.

    They strive for a democratization of the EU. I have a feeling that the Libertas has a very similar goal.


  • Vlad S. says:

    Currently taking shape in Switzerland a party that wants to implement the approach of "integral politics" of the American philosopher Ken Wilber in a party program. The goal is to be a Swiss party in winter 2009/10. For more info: http://www.integrale-politik.ch/d/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=59&Itemid=72
    A very interesting approach and a good initiative.
    The base paper can be found here: http://www.integrale-politik.ch/d/images/stories/dateien/verein/glpkurz-web.pdf

  • Claus says:

    It does not always have to be who want something change in this country for the positive parties.

    A slightly different approach provides "Willi way". The basic idea is to choose on the first vote in the general election about 269 independent deputies in the Bundestag. A really interesting idea.

  • Marianne says:

    Interesting list, where I am in my search yet encountered the OPD (Offensive Party of Germany), which is also available for some time, but is likely to have with the sizes chances, eventually coming to the helm. The link http://www.opd-politik.de

    If the link is not working, I have to also if inserted.

  • Klaus says:

    Hi Guys,

    tried it once but with direct democracy. Ordered you politicians who finally execute the will of the people by means of imperative mandate!
    Should we get the votes of politically motivated non-voters, the citizens could change the law in parliament. The majority of society would have the opportunity to abolish the minority dictatorship. On June 22, 2010 founding. Maybe someone recognizes the historical approach.

  • Helmut Leih says:

    Since 2000, there are more and more party-ups, the first true political parties Protestparteien.Leider but I gain more and more the impression that more start-ups are only made in order to collect as many small parties können.Das worst example was the merger of the PDS and WASG.Die PDS today in the Left Party
    say that although the WASG was actually a new departure party, the PDS and a Stalinist rump hatte.Mein impression is that parties with a new political idea will greet ausgeschaltet.Der of the old parties election committee read !!!.

    Helmut Leih


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