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Young, dynamic, ...: Karl-Theodor Freiherr zu Guttenberg (Press Photo)

Thorough research is increasingly becoming a rarity, even when employees strong publishing houses or agencies. Even the dpa makes apparently no longer bother to check information and its sources. Only in this way it could happen that was claimed by the largest German press agency, wrote the Abendzeitung, the new Minister of Economic Affairs of Guttenberg lead a medium-sized company (but actually he managed only a three-man company's own family fortune). The duck was taken promptly by dpa customers : From Spiegel Online, picture, Tagesspiegel and Others

The media magazine Zapp had determined that not even seem to understand exactly within the CSU and the German Ministry of Economics, which has since so everything "driven" Herr von Guttenberg before his political work.

Hm, seems that you're looking for in Berlin urgent crisis compatible Amtsbekleider. And if ever a willingness in these difficult times, to take this unpopular seed items, plus flaunts a radiant smile (well, at least the facade is what pounce when the economy building collapses), then why even be great picky? So please, ladies and gentlemen, from the television, questions about the qualifications and suitability of candidates are here really is not appropriate!


Addendum of 25 November 2009: Now we know better - thanks to the explicit investigation of zeitgeist-author Friederike Beck in the "Guttenberg dossiers". After all, generated the previous reader hits on the two parts of the dossier on zeitgeist online up to 20% of traffic to the website of the Barons (according to statistics from Alexa.com). And with just a simple link to Guttenberg's website, the "hidden" even in the text.

Nevertheless, the major television and sheet makers trust to the sensitive points in KT's Biography not ran until today. One may well ask why ...

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5 Responses to "confusion around new economy minister"

  • fernetpunker says:

    A clerkship has not completed Dr. zu Guttenberg, anyway.

  • natural born king says:

    (Please -ohne- Dr.) would get the gelled Lügenbaron with his lousy Jus exam grade of "Satisfactory" probably not even at the local court Bayreuth!

  • Kurt Otte says:

    Zu Guttenberg will come back definitely in politics, the absolute silence around him now but play him in the cards. Even if I do not like him, you könte against a re-entry into his policies say little. There are others returned after completely different affairs.


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