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The fateful hour is approaching: Tomorrow, on September 12, from 10 clock, the Federal Constitutional Court (BVG) in Karlsruhe is his, eagerly awaited by the federal government fell verdict for ESM treaty and the fiscal pact. . (Whether the period around the 11/12 September austrahlt a special magnetism for the world fortunes formative events - it was up to me, they would have long to return the whole treaty with the remark to parliament, thus saving court costs or "Rejected!" at least to delay the judgment on. I know a mere utopia ...)

Now, how will the judge decide that?

So easy you will not stop the ESM (can or want), although the unconstitutionality of laws bundle is obvious. The responsibility for such a decision should simply too big for them to be (as in my article "European superstate, we come! A dystopia." Run). A European law measure was anyway never blocked by the BVG, thinks the law expert Helmut Siekmann in the Financial Times Germany. However, around 60% of the Constitution Experts believe, the newspaper added that the sign off of the ESM shall subject to harsh conditions, probably similar to the Lisbon Treaty - at the time a similar limbo ...

So what the judges are going to do? This entry »

In recent years, the financial industry is heavily under fire: The reputation of bankers has become even worse than that of the politicians, and Occupy has shown that more and more people can always offer less of any "monetary authorities".

Nevertheless, in the mainstream media there were in relation to relatively few documentaries that really critically the background of the financial crisis-rayed, is set out on the search for the true causes and not only took the losers, but also the profiteers under the microscope. Usually only the surface has been touched, if at all.

This appears to be changing for some time. Exposed I have three contributions that have been sent in recent weeks and months on TV and have a lot more depth or provide insights, than what they were accustomed otherwise. Whether it's a coincidence that all of them were broadcast on the First or not, it is praiseworthy in any case. Nevertheless, ladies and gentlemen, director: Such films would have wished much earlier! Now, where there the sparrows from the rooftops, that's no big investigative power more, and also no longer particularly courageous. We can only hope that now take other program makers their educational mission seriously. Viewers want to be in the future more frequently spoiled with such enigmatic food, and please at prime time!

Here are the aforementioned films (in meaningful first): This entry »

At first it was in Germany's finances, which were snatched on June 29, 2012, the state sovereignty. That day was the ESM (European Stability Mechanism permanent rescue fund with unlimited liability, coll.) And the so-called "fiscal pact" waved through by Parliament. And, although the deputies the hundreds of pages long rules, drafted in kompliziertestem "Anglo-Saxon" had received, until shortly before the inspection. This procedure was known already by the Lisbon Treaty.

The majority in the Bundestag came about because the major parties in an oblique Deal agreed ("ESM against financial market tax"), unbelievable in retrospect, how cheap the Constitution was hawked. Cleverly had so threaded it, before the vote, a two-thirds majority to call (amazing how sure could feel the ESM advocates) to go constitutional concerns in the run out of the way.

Also, the Federal Council did not hesitate to approve long. As "countertrade" the Prime Minister has been a relief for the municipalities in the billions pledged. Negotiation practices that would so rather belongs to a bazaar.

As predicted by many constitutional lawyers, were even the Federal Constitutional Court - after initial Hadern - found no major concerns (What could have done it differently? The court was overwhelmed hopeless with the scope of the decision Ironically, it had thus itself abolished, just like before. Parliament.) Earlier, the President had signed it without hesitation, so that the ESM on time July 9, 2012 came into force and the end of democracy in Germany was sealed.

Resistance was found one like it in retrospect hardly believe also außerparteilich only slightly - apart from a few petitions, demonstrations, strange actions (like the catapulting of basic laws) and lawsuit threats to the Constitutional Court. People were firmly occupied by the European Football Championship (broadcasters had only in superficial allusions lost until it was too late after all). The mass of citizens was at that time anyway, stundein stundaus, busy, to earn their livelihood. From the history learned nothing: Bread and Circuses already ancient Rome had brought the downfall ...

Early sounded the call for a new constitution. This entry »

The events seem to overturn the "affair of state" to the ESM and the fiscal pact to take speed. Resistance appears not only on the road and in the Blogger landscape.

First, the Federal Constitutional Court had the voice of the Bundestag strengthened (at the instigation of the Greens). The deputies were not sufficiently informed about the planned permanent euro rescue package.

Then the Constitutional Court judges more time asked for Mr Gauck for consideration of the bill. The Focus writes: "Apparently, wanted the President to urge the Chancellor the relevant laws and ratification, on the evening of 29 June, immediately after the vote in the Bundestag and Bundesrat, sign. "The faction of the Left had put appropriate urgent applications at the Federal Constitutional Court.

The constitutional lawyer Christoph Degenhart and the former Minister of Justice, Herta Däubler-Gmelin (SPD) also announced a class action lawsuit on when Prozessbevollmächtige of "More Democracy e. V.", as long as the ESM enters into force. In their alliance "Europe needs more democracy" to 12,000 constitutional complaints are bundled.

Even the middle class is active. This entry »

Have you ever asked the question - if you are not a member of the party, where they would be politically situate? Or even where you are situates from others?

Apply as a Right, because you can not support democracy distant or even anti-democratic development within the EU?

Are you "right" if you stand up for the preservation of sovereignty? Or the D-Mark (or another national currency) want back? Or in connection with international football tournaments, a Germany flag carry on car?

Are You a Right, because you on dangers of alienation and the loss of cultural values, if not to point one's own identity? Because you cultivate the German language and have nothing with "gender mainstreaming" in the hat?

And if you do not want to approve of government intervention or regulation of any kind, then what are you? A liberal or libertarian?

If you hold up the flag of freedom and are against any form of monitoring, you are then also a libertarian? Or pirate? This entry »

On March 12, the World Day against Internet censorship, published "Reporters Without Borders" your story "Enemies of the Internet 2012". States were reanalyzed with massive online surveillance. Your results: Twelve are considered enemies of the Internet (namely Bahrain, Burma, China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Belarus), 14 more are under observation (Australia, Egypt, Eritrea, France, India, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Russia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates). In particular, France and Australia should make you listen.

Acquired understandably only direct forms of censorship, such as content filtering or General monitoring, usually by the authorities of the said countries.

The enemies of the Internet in 2012 (black in color) and in this regard under observation standing States, red in the picture (Source: Reporters Without Borders)

But censorship can be much more subtle. This entry »

The approaching 60th anniversary of BILD and the accompanying boycott campaign in defiance knew someone else the controversial media itself (and its educational work) to use. We're talking about Zeitgeist author and columnist Dr. Gerald Rollett, "Germany's probably oldest demonstrators" (O-Sound Picture).

On 7 February this year he succeeded in what many only dream about: The 86-year-old had made it for the second time in the tabloid! And that's where his plans but denominated quite different ("Actually I wanted to only 90 in the media").

It began with a protruding tongue - Einstein says hello - leading to the steep "BILD-career" helped him in July 2011 (at a Stuttgart-21 demo, see here) and an invitation to the "Night Café" by Wieland Backes result would have. For those who missed the broadcast time: At the end of this paper we find the Mittschnitt.

The second match was not long in coming. This entry »

Art and science, research and teaching are free. It says so in Article 5, paragraph 3, of our constitution. It can not hurt to stand out and be remembered, especially against the background of increasing attacks on our fundamental rights. But if you look at the apparatus of today "science" represents.

Science is no more activity, but an institution. Power structures have been established, which are not really conducive to science. To what extent, and what we can do about it, you will learn in this post.

The actual free research has taken a back seat, officials organizing the operation. Sure, organized science is not punishable. Not yet. This entry »

Heiko Lassek (1957-2011)

For all surprising, died on 28.12.2011 Heiko Lassek. The day before yesterday found his burial place in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

I could hear the sad news at first unbelievable. For the physician, scientist and author who has devoted entirely to the continuation of the research of Wilhelm Reich, was, inter alia, had in the personal psychotherapy and to questions of cancer, prescribed been used to Eva Reich even as her father's official successor reached, just the age of 54 years.

Heiko was my brother in spirit and in heart, though we met only a few times in life. Our meetings were, however, always marked by great intensity and a lively exchange. Heiko gave one the feeling that he sincerely interested in the opposite and whose life projects. This entry »

In the middle of the nail-biter to the whole Geldleiherei and Diekmann's voicemail overtaken our head of state the next horror message: He is in his time violated the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen duties have and now it liable (the curse of accumulation of offices ...), with 1.8 billion Euronen. Billion mind you, not millions!

Let's see how this is yet to be topped. Perhaps they will make Mr Wulff next time also for all consequences of globalization, climate change, no, the increased solar activity, and the impending doom (after all we are in 2012) responsible. I would not be miracles.

Somehow it seems not to make a few really fun, the much maligned Federal Presiding over pull one right now. This entry »

The comedian Roland Düringer (born 1963) held in early December in the Austrian television a speech that caused quite a bit of excitement. Düringer, for 22 years in the business, one in our neighboring country to the most famous of his profession. His works have won several awards.

In the dynamically rising "Wutrede", as they are known in this clarity and emotion with us most of Georg Schramm, he brings to the point what probably many Wutbürgern, Occupylern, dropouts, Politikverdrossenen, Info warriors and other outraged Aufbrüchlern on the soul burns. Listen for yourself: This entry »

The powers of Europe are meeting today and tomorrow in Brussels to save the euro renewed once. So the media report. It seems that everything is on the line - even central banks already played through a life without the euro. Or are these debates only "mock battles" because the final plan is long, as some rumors?

I dare already a forecast. Although many people, not only in this country, an end to the unpopular currency wish: The euro is here to stay. At least you will do everything possible to get him. Everything back and forth in defiance. How do I do that fixed?

You just have to juxtapose various statements and recent developments, and already there is a synopsis: This entry »

How now was verlautbar, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg has probably returned not entirely voluntary in the German media. He was basically clear that this would be a gauntlet, the Baron explained frankly now "off the record". He was right - the ex-minister has reportedly now not even unconditional in its Upper Franconian home backing.

Despite change of image: He sees himself prefers (Photo: Peter Weis)

"People remember just that my new image is placed." Even before he had his PR agency pointed out that the new, designed on the drawing board Styling Although would be nice and good. The gel pomade but was simply befitting so Guttenberg, especially since he is his friend from Germany's largest newspaper could feel closer to her. But most disturbing him that he now had to constantly walk around with narrowed eyes or contact lenses.

He would, however, had no choice but to grant the "Lying Baron", as many had called sheet coated condescendingly after the plagiarism scandal, meekly one. This entry »

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